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Polish WZ 97 Backpack

Polish Army WZ97 Back Pack


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  • Polish WZ 97 Backpack Polish WZ 97 Backpack
  • Polish Army Backpack Polish Army Backpack
  • Large Polish Rucksack WZ97 Large Polish Rucksack WZ97

Quick Overview

The Polish WZ97 Backpack is a large backpack that was used by the Polish Army. Designed to hold a massive volume of gear, these backpacks are just what you need for your next outdoor adventure.

We believe we are the first company to have imported this backpack into the United States. There were only a small number offered to us and we don't anticipate receiving any more so get yours today!

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The WZ 97 Backpack is the current issue backpack of the Polish Army. This modern backpack replaces the older WZ 89 and WZ 93 backpacks. Some experts would consider this WZ 97 to be the very first modern backpack issued by the Polish Army.

  • Very large pack - while we don't know the exact storage volume, it is larger than the French Alpine Backpack which holds more than 70L.
  • Bottom or top loading pack - Zippered access can be found at bottom of the pack, or you can load through the top portion.
  • Interior is sealed with a drawstring cord, with a top cover that secured by buckles
  • Large interior pocket - allows you to separate gear inside the backpack
  • Three large exterior pockets - easy access to gear that doesn't need to be stored inside the pack
  • Padded shoulder straps with secure buckle to ensure pack rides comfortably and hands free

We can't say enough positive things about the WZ 97 backpack. These military surplus rucksacks are one of the best deals going and we know these will sell out quickly. If you collect bags or just want a brand new large backpack, this is the one to get!

Additional Information

Manufacturer Military Surplus
Free Shipping N/A
Construction Nylon
Condition Factory New
96 5 100 0
  1. As advertised review by joe on 8/30/2015

    This pack has all the features of a commercial pack that costs 2 or 3 times more, only it's not made in China. Excellent capacity, you can fit more in this bag than you will want to carry. High-quality construction, and brand-new.

  2. Great value! review by Jordan on 8/3/2015

    Very nice pack with all the support one could need even without a frame for hiking with a heavy loadout. Mine were new never used it looks with the tags still on the pack. My wife thinks they look pretty also, which I agree it's a pretty cool pattern even if it kind of resembles woodland camo. Compared to high end packs this is bigger and has the quality for much much less.

  3. Awesome review by Xavier on 6/10/2015

    Way bigger than my Marine Corp Alice pack and you can't beat the great price! Buy one today!

  4. Great Pack review by Rob on 8/12/2014

    Brand New. No smells, holes, or mending. This is an awesome pack with a cool camo pattern. Plenty of room. There are no places to attach a canteen, but that's fine. I do a lot of running, and travel to races. I hate carrying a hand bag, especially when my hands are filled. I keep staring at this pack, and can't wait to use it. A little pricey, but like the last reviewer said, a lot more roomy than alice pack.

  5. Great "Bug Out Bag" review by Dario on 5/24/2014

    Great bag for when the "SHTF". I was looking for a back pack that has good vertical capacity. In the main storage compartment, I was able to pack the following items: (3) person, Four season tent with poles, Inflatable Sleeping Mat, Poncho Liner, Large Toiletry zip bag, small sleeping pillow, small stove, Multi Tool (Hammer/Hatchet/Pry Bar), and (4) LRP rations. There are also (3) exterior storage compartments that have a good volume for storage, and a bottom storage area I would use for socks, undershirts, underwear etc.. Pack is well made with water repellant material. Shoulder carrying straps are well padded and do not cut into one's shoulders , even when displacing a heavy load. Has more storage volume than a GP Large ALICE Pack.
    I have only two complaints with this pack: 1). No attachments points for US Military style canteens, (hatchet, shotgun holder the US ALICE system etc...(I intend to purchase some Velcro strips, and have a seemstress install some fasten hook points to the pack) 2): Very low center of gravity for when attaching sleeping bag to bottom of pack. Otherwise. this is a very good back, and is far superior to many packs on the market that cost much more $$$.

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