Polish Bread Bag – Postwar Military Surplus Bread Bag For Sale

Polish Bread Bag

Keepshooting.com now carries the Polish bread bag, a postwar bread bag. Originally issued to members of the Polish armed forces, the Polish bread bag is a spacious military surplus item with applications beyond its years.

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Description / Polish Bread Bag

As noted, the Polish bread bag is an authentic, postwar military surplus item straight out of Poland, the land of the fields. Upon receiving the bread bag, you will notice that they are in excellent cosmetic and working condition, free from the rips, tears and scents normally associated with military surplus.  

Earlier I mentioned that bread bags are commonly known as ration bags and were used specifically for storing and carrying rations. Often times, those rations truly consisted of bread, a cost-effective staple food that can be mass produced with relative ease. Considering most breads are loaded with the macronutrient known as carbohydrates, bread was an ideal ration for soldiers looking to stave off hunger in the field. But enough about the past, let us discuss the bag and how it can serve your needs today.

Each Polish bread bag comes with generous dimensions. Measuring approximately 11.5 inches by 9.5 inches by 5 inches, the bag offers a wealth of storage space. It is constructed almost entirely from a heavy duty canvas material that is sturdy, durable and more than capable of offering limited protection for whatever you choose to store inside of it. And with all the compartments found inside, you will be far from limited in how you use this bag.

The Polish bread bag is secured via a single flap closure. The flap is secured via two canvas straps that feature metallic buckles. Upon opening the flap, you will notice that the outside panel includes dual pockets, each of which measures approximately 4.5 inches by 2.5 inches. The bag opens to reveal two major compartments, each of which contains separate pockets. The larger of the two compartments measures approximately 7.5 inches by 9.5 inches by 5 inches and includes two small pockets on the back panel and one on the side panel. The smaller compartment measures approximately 4 inches by 9.5 inches by 5 inches and includes only one pocket on the side panel. All interior pockets feature button-flap closures. Also included on the bag are a canvas carrying strap and a shoulder strap.

Now it is time to discuss this bags potential utility. Though it was originally a Polish bread bag, you can think of it as a multi-purpose bag, perfect for use as a:

- Travel bag - Store your toiletries and other travel essentials when away from home or on-the-go

- Medical kit - Put together a medical kit with medicine, ointments, bandages and other items useful in situations that call for medical attention

- Lunch bag - Carry your lunch to school or work in style as this bag will easily house a stockpile of food

- Range bag - Fill it with ammunition, magazines, optics, safety glasses and just about anything else you need at the shooting range

- Roadside assistance bag - Keep this bag in your vehicle stocked with road flares, small tools, batteries, rope and anything else useful in an emergency situation

- Tool bag – Load this bag up with all of your most used tools, hardware and more

- Much more…

The best part, however, is the price. A bag sold specifically for any of the aforementioned purposes will surely cost more than the Polish bread bag – available now.

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Brand Polish Army Surplus

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Customer Reviews

Great Bag
Review by Emma
Verified Buyer
This thing is perfect. I had one very similar in size and shape that I carried for over a decade, it was Hungarian or Czech surplus, I don't remember, but I carried it until it literally started to disintegrate, and I've been looking for a replacement for years. This is it. The smaller interior division holds a standard Nalgene, the other side is just right for the rest of my crap. This one has a few little interior pockets to hold stuff you don't want rattling around, including a nice smartphone sized pocket on the side wall. Mine came looking new with only a whiff of storage, but it has aired out nicely. The fabric is kind of halfway between standard woven cotton canvas and a slickery nylon feel. I haven't dropped it in the river, but I've walked around in the rain with it, and it seems somewhat water resistant. It's very lightweight, but has enough structure that it doesn't collapse into a heap when you set it down. It has a genius strap that keeps it from gaping open while still allowing access to the innards, and the outer straps mean you can attach it to handlebars or use as a saddlebag. My only complaint, the shoulder strap is not adjustable or removable, but you could easily cut it off and attach another strap to the d-rings. Overall, best thing I've bought in years.
Love it
Review by Benjamin
Verified Buyer
This is now my daily carry emergency bag. Easily carries water, first aid kit, some protein bars, etc. along with a spare mag, extra ammo, 550 cord. My wife liked it too, and I'll be ordering another for her to use. Mine was the older style with the metal buttons rather than the snaps inside, but still a great deal. Came sealed in plastic, and doesn't smell like a lot of older milsurp items.
Useful for a winter preparedness kit
Review by mrk
Verified Buyer
Very nice attention to detail overall. Mine looked nearly new.

This is a perfect sack for throwing some supplies in for the winter months, which is my intention. The interior has two sections, one of which holds a NATO tri-fold shovel about perfectly (in case of getting stuck in snow - I got the Estonian one here at KS). Also has great stitching and little pockets inside, as well as a few outside for pens or whatever. There are also high quality (but not overly thick or stiff) nylon canvas fasteners to keep everything tied down and closed.

This will be a good little pack in case the family gets stuck in winter weather. This bag is compact, but roomy enough to be useful.
Very cool
Review by Martin
Verified Buyer
Great and unusual product. Purchased 3 of them and can be used for many purposes. However day 3 and still trying to get the "old canvas musty odor" out of them. Trying Fabreeze and airing outside as Ohio temperature permits. Any ideas on how to get rid of that would be appreciated.
Jack Bauer Go Bag
Review by Dusty24
Verified Buyer
This bag is the perfect size to fit ammo, mags misc supplies. It's a total man's man bag and reminds me of the bag Jack Bauer always had in 24. Great price, awesome quality and it has great utility. I can fit my IPad Air and charger just fine in there.
Review by Brian
Verified Buyer
Bought one for a scouting bag to use while hunting, hiking, etc. In great condition, two buttons missing but nothing a little needle and thread can't handle with a quick stop to a fabric store. Great little bag, many uses.
good bag for the money
Review by Daniel
Verified Buyer
Nice to put spare mags in
good dump pouch
Review by Michael
Verified Buyer
I have been known to show up to the range using this as both a mag pouch and a dump pouch. I like the pattern. They can't call it a man purse when its slammed with mags!
Excellent Bag!
Review by Kenneth
Verified Buyer
Got 2 of these for a late Christmas present to the wife and myself. One had snaps on the pockets (1985), the other buttons (1978). Both were new and unissued with no smells or stains. These bags hold a lot for their size! They make great day bags for us when we go out for a day outing, and with the bottom and back straps we can add ultralight tarps for overnighters. Durable, almost bullet proof when we use them. Plan on getting a couple more for gifts.
Convenience Unparalleled
Review by John
Verified Buyer
A nice inconspicuous bag with multiple variations having been Europe.
Not the best bag for camping or hiking, but certainly a good messenger bag for everyday use with ample space.

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