Polish Camouflage Rucksack

The Polish camouflage rucksack is an item brand new to the Keepshooting.com store. The rucksack continues our ever-expanding line of quality military surplus items. Form collides with function to create a pack that is both spacious and eye-catching. Built to last, this rucksack can be used for just about anything your mind can muster. As a bonus, it features the unique Polish Puma camouflage pattern.

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  1. Polish Army Rucksack
  2. Authentic Polish Army Surplus
  3. Made in Poland

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Customer Reviews

New Polish bag, with a made in the Czech Republic tag?
Review by David
Verified Buyer
I used to do quality control in a tent factory, so I look closely.
The binding is the same stuff as the bottom, vinyl but a robust vinyl. Good stuff.
I saw more single lines of stitching than I liked.
I am delighted with the harness, very robust nylon webbing.
I had no problem with the buckles even in a tee shirt. No digging in.
The bag is thin and mine had a small cut, easily fixed.
I have used it for laundry and it did a good job, a light soft load, maybe 15 pounds on a 1 1/2 mile walk. I suspect similar to what the Polish Army did with it.
I would be reluctant to fill it with canned food and doubt it was made to haul full magazines.
It rode high on my back and that I like a lot.
I'd buy another if I needed one. Might yet.
Not ergonomic!
Review by seth
Verified Buyer
I cannot think of a less-comfortable bag in existence. The straps will try to KILL you. It's indestructible though - give it to the kids!
Review by Shane
Verified Buyer
Use it to carry camping stuff. It's great!
Needed a good quick carry back pack
Review by jim
Verified Buyer
This exceeded my expectations was very happy to get love the water proof bottom
Love the price
Review by matt
Verified Buyer
My daughter loved the pack and all of her friends was asking her about it. She packed all of her gear in this one pack for a seven day camping trip for $8.00 from KeepShooting. Next time I will consult KeepShooting first where their prices are the best and they have fast shipping to get your order to your door. For $8.00 you won't find a pack of this quality anywhere for less. Lesson learned for a father on a fixed income.
Amazing value!
Review by Zeb
Verified Buyer
This bag was worth every penny, it has a very tough bottom and it is well made. Only bad thing about this bag is the straps, If you are carrying a heavy load the metal ends of the straps dig into your side and back. But it is still worth it.
Amazing value for money..
Review by Michael
Verified Buyer

My pack came brand new un-issued.. looked like it was fresh out of the plastic.

Wasn't sure about the leopard camo before.. but it is now one of my favorites and makes such a beautiful color contrast with the dark greens and browns.. I waxed my bag and it made the colors even prettier.

The bag is a very clever two tier system.. where as you can extend and use the top buckle/lashing points for the straps for a much higher capacity bag.. like a roll top bag.. or you can crunch it down and use the bottom attachment points for the straps for a smaller bag.

Both synch up with cords.. if I had only one complaint it would be to switch out the synch cords.. they work but you have to push the material down yourself instead of "pull and synch".

Even so.. this is an amazing bag.. unbeatable value.. The cotton canvas material it comes in is very soft which is cool.. but if you wax it, the cotton canvas will thicken and harden up a bit more.

I didn't know if I was going to like this pack.. because I'm a bit OCD about my kit.. but it is officially staying in my rotation to mix things up a bit. GREAT PACK, AMAZING VALUE!
Unique looking pack
Review by Hale
Verified Buyer
Mine is in perfect condition,doesn't look like it's ever been used. The pattern reminds me of kryptek. The straps are adjustable but have no padding so heavy loads will get uncomfortable. With the storm collar you can REALLY over load the pack if you want to.
I recommend this bag especially for $8.
Simple and effective
Review by 53GR Images
Verified Buyer
Polish Leopard Pattern day
• First off, the camouflage pattern is... strange. It looks almost like lizard skin, but works rather well in very deep, dark woods.
• Though simple, the shoulder straps are adjustable in length.
• The entire pack design is incredibly simple. Also, it’s very light and easily crushable.
• The pack uses two drawstrings, one on the top and one a bit lower down. The lower drawstring is for regular loading, the upper one for if you overload the backpack.
• The top flap secures via two straps permanently-fixed triglides, of which there are four. Again, these triglides (with teeth) are placed strategically to allow you to either fill the pack to normal capacity or to overload it.
• The rubberized bottom of the bag prevents moisture from seeping in if you set it down on damp ground.
• The price is amazing - $7.95!
• The cotton fabric does not seem to be treated with water-repellent chemicals.
• The shoulder straps have no padding. If you really load this up, it’s going to be uncomfortable.
• There are three D-rings at the bottom. The outer two are for the shoulder straps to hook to. I’m not sure what the middle one is for.
• No exterior pockets or interior divider for the main compartment.
• I’m not a fan of the triglides for the pack flap. I’ll be installing half-inch Fastex buckles so that the top flap will buckle closed.

Conclusion - this is a great day or assault pack for a very reasonable price.
Polish Camouflage Rucksack for camping.
Review by John
Verified Buyer
As you can see in the pictures of Polish Camouflage Rucksack, it is large and very strong with a rather unique camoflage pattern. Also it does not have a frame as most rucksacks, this can be a inconvience when placing equipment in, or carrying on a hike. I placed the largest (new) plastic trash can in it to give it some shape and make it confortable to cary, you don't want to load a rucksack down with 25 or 50 pounds of gear, but this would carry that much if loaded correctly. It has a rubber lined bottom so you don't have to worry about setting it down in wet grass or mud. All in all, a good bag for a overnight or 3 day stay.
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