Polish Flare Gun - 26.5mm

Have you ever been in a situation where your boat was broken down and nobody could help you? If you spend a lot of time on boats, we strongly suggest you buy a few military surplus Polish 26.5MM Flare Guns - Signal Pistols. These flare guns will shoot out very bright flares to draw attention from any close-by places, and thus, saving your life! We also sell 12 Gauge Insert that you can put into this flare gun to shoot 12 Gauge Signal Flares.

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  1. Polish Army Flare Gun
  2. Authentic Polish Army Surplus
  3. Uses 26.5mm Flares
  4. Made in Poland

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Customer Reviews

Excellent Value!
Review by Henry
Verified Buyer
Received this flare pistol last week. Dated 1966, it looks like it just came from the factory!!!!! Hammer spring is strong...trigger has creep but barrel-to-frame lockup is very tight. I truly didn't feel they would be this nice...I was certainly surprised! Thank you KS for such a nice flare gun!!!
Big and very cool flare pistol
Review by Jordan
Verified Buyer
This is for sure my biggest and heaviest flare pistol. At 50 dollars it was the cheapest one around especially now. When I received it there was a little rust on the breach but with a little CLP it came right off. These are ugly but really cool.
What a steal!
Review by Ryan
Verified Buyer
Great quality, multi-use flare gun. Clean, solid condition. Can be combined with Kennesaw Cannon accessories to shoot .22, .45 or 410 shot shells. Good little tool to keep in your survival kit.
Super strong frame!
Review by Chad
Verified Buyer
This flare gun is so hefty when frames closed can't even wiggle it at all. I tried to open it when I got it after opening and didn't know how, it isn't like the plastic frame ones, need to unlock the safety under the trigger by pulling it forward with your first finger.
Very unique and awesome collector piece.
overall happy
Review by Brad
Verified Buyer
Flare gun showed up dirty filthy but with a little degreaser and some gun oil i had it all cleaned up. I m happy i ordered through Keepshooting.com!
nice piece
Review by powderbob
Verified Buyer
Just received my Polish Flare Gun. It's in very good condition for more than 50 years old piece.(Mine is with a date from 1950-s). A bit heavier than I thought. Very fast and prompt service again from KeepShooting.Appreciated.
very,very good
Review by powderbob
Verified Buyer
Just received my Polish Flare gun. It appears,it is a probable licensed version/design of the Russian M44 signal flare pistol. The production date shows 1950-s year. So, very good looking for more than 50 years old flare gun. It's also heavier than expected.
Very fast and prompt service again from KeepShooting folks. Appreciated.
nice flare gun for collection
Review by ken
Verified Buyer
purchased first one to use on boat liked it so much bought second one for collection wonderful piece again great service thanks great! k.
fantastic product
Review by ken
Verified Buyer
like brand new finish is great like the wt. feel on my boat now thank you keepshooting a1
Fun Soviet era flare gun!
Review by Military Collector
Verified Buyer
I gave this gun four stars for the price because you can find them cheaper at certain places. But I would say the gun is definitely worth it. Of all my flare guns this is my heaviest and the biggest. When I received this gun it was packed in cosmoline and had a little rust but it came right off with a little oil so over all if you want a historic flare gun this is one I'd consider.

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