Polish OM14 Gas Mask – Original Polish Surplus Gas Mask Includes Hose, Filter and Bag

Polish OM14 Gas Mask

The Polish OM14 gas mask is a single-filter gas mask with a design based on that of the Russian SchM41M. This surplus gas mask comes complete with its coffee can-style filter, hose and gas mask bag. Whether you use this gas mask for your next Halloween costume or just like to collect, the OM14 deserves a place in your collection.

Description / Polish OM14 Gas Mask

These OM14 gas masks were once the standard-issue masks that were originally designed for and used by members of the Polish land forces, which is one of the four service branches that make up the Siły Zbrojne Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej, or the armed forced of the Republic of Poland. Interestingly enough, the design for these masks was based on the Russian SchM41M gas mask, which was in turn a variant based on the original design for the Russian GP-5 gas mask. Today, these masks are widely available and are sought after by collectors due to their unique style, which includes circular eyepieces as well as a hose.

The complete set, which consists of the Polish OM14 gas mask, a coffee can-style filter, hose and gas mask bag, begins with the mask itself. The form-fitting gas mask is constructed from latex rubber and features the aforementioned set of circular eyepieces, each of which is crafted from glass. At the front of the mask, you will find the metallic hose coupling, which allows the hose to be screwed into the mask. The use of a hose with a gas mask of this style provides the user with the ability to mount the heavy filter to a belt or some other location other than the face that will better bear its weight. Also included are an unissued coffee can-style filter and the original nylon bag designed to carry each component.

  • Authentic Polish Army Surplus Gas Mask
  • Complete Set - Mask, Hose, Filter and Bag
  • Communist-era Mask

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Manufacturer Polish Army Surplus

Customer Reviews

Little bit expensive but it is supporting a U.S business
Review by David

You can find them on eBay for a bit less but you are paying extra money to support a U.S business, very high quality and in great condition...
Great cold war era product
Review by computerdoc08
Product appears to be new/unused surplus, appears usable, no issues wit item, filter, hose or bag.
Great price for what you get
Review by Alexander
The mask is a great looking cold war era mask, and looks great on display. The satchel that comes with it feels great.
I wouldn't recommend using the filter that comes with it, as I'm fairly certain it uses asbestos as opposed to the activated charcoal the GP5 uses. It has a 40mm thread, so you can easily swap it out for any Nato filter.
Very close to their Russian counterpats
Review by Seth
Generally in great shape - these puppies are as tight and uncomfortable as they look! They make great costumes though, and I wore mine as "Mr. Foster" from the popular "Killing Floor" series of games.

Original filters sometimes contain ASBESTOS, so fill it with wood glue and DONT USE THE FILTER!

Buy some charcoal filters, theyre cheap!
Amazing value
Review by Ozzy
This is an exceptional set. The components are all high quality, and in the case of the one I received, in excellent condition. If you can't tell from the picture the filter is huge, but standard size filters are really available and work interchangeably.
Cool piece of History
Review by Nick
The mask, hose and filter is brand new. Great piece for any collection or Cold War Historian.

I gave it to my cousin for his Cold War history project, attracted good attention from his teachers! I credit this mask (and KS) for his 95.

Not shown in picture: You get a gas mask bag as well. Its pretty cool.
Excellent purchase!
Review by Victor
This mask is brand new, old stock of excellent quality including its carrying bag. It brings back memories since it's the same type of the mask I had in the military.
It will deliver many years of service and also be a great addition to my collection. If you buy one or more than one, you'll not regret it.
Thank you KS team!
Better than the GP-5
Review by Ethan
As a gas mask fanboy myself, I purchased a GP-5 a while back for $20 at a flea market. Don't waste your money on a GP-5. This polish variant is much more stylish, and cheaper, if you can believe that! The hose and filter give it much more attitude than a GP-5. And for a lower cost!
so sick!
Review by Michael
I recently added this to the collection and I am so happy with it. The condition is excellent! I love this style filter that easily fits in anything for carry. Another quality Polish product!
Great Deal!
Review by Bo
I bought this Gas Mask for my Dad for Christmas. When it arrived in the Mail, everything was in order. Mine seems to have been made in 1979, but I can't be too sure, as that's the date on the bag. The Mask and Rubber Tube were covered in some sort of white residue, probably a Rubber Protectant, which cleans off well with common Detergent. If you try on this mask and it seems tight, that's normal. The Rubber (Latex?) needs to mold to your face and after some time it will loosen up, but it will remain somewhat tight to maintain a good seal. I would highly recommend this mask, it's a good purchase and an icon of a bygone era.
one more for the collection
Review by Russ
i love this one, its the scariest looking one i have seen. comes with a carry bag that completes the set. KS has the best prices on gas masks i can find on the net, this site is great
another great product copied from Russia by Poland!
Review by Michael
Like many other polish military products, this is a copy of what was designed by someone in Russia. China also has a Norinco made copy of the Russian GP-5. It fits uncomfortably snug on most people with a normal jaw. The GP-5 fits very comfy on most anybody. This mask however, the Polish OM14, fit, a bit more snugly than the GP-5, but no where near the tightness of the Norinco. The filter looks awesome but is a little hard to breath through. Top level filtration, but I wouldn't try running more than 2 miles without stopping with it. You can always use a different filter though!
Really good
Review by Naci
It is very good,but where can I find filters for it?

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