Polish OM14 Gas Mask

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The Polish OM14 gas mask is a single-filter gas mask with a design based on that of the Russian SchM41M. This surplus gas mask comes complete with its coffee can-style filter, hose and gas mask bag. Whether you use this gas mask for your next Halloween costume or just like to collect, the OM14 deserves a place in your collection.

These OM14 gas masks were once the standard-issue masks that were originally designed for and used by members of the Polish land forces, which is one of the four service branches that make up the Siły Zbrojne Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej, or the armed forced of the Republic of Poland. Interestingly enough, the design for these masks was based on the Russian SchM41M gas mask, which was in turn a variant based on the original design for the Russian GP-5 gas mask. Today, these masks are widely available and are sought after by collectors due to their unique style, which includes circular eyepieces as well as a hose.

The complete set, which consists of the Polish OM14 gas mask, a coffee can-style filter, hose and gas mask bag, begins with the mask itself. The form-fitting gas mask is constructed from latex rubber and features the aforementioned set of circular eyepieces, each of which is crafted from glass. At the front of the mask, you will find the metallic hose coupling, which allows the hose to be screwed into the mask. The use of a hose with a gas mask of this style provides the user with the ability to mount the heavy filter to a belt or some other location other than the face that will better bear its weight. Also included are an unissued coffee can-style filter and the original nylon bag designed to carry each component.

  • Authentic Polish Army Surplus Gas Mask
  • Complete Set - Mask, Hose, Filter and Bag
  • Communist-era Mask
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