PPS-43 Bolt

The PPS-43 Bolt is a military surplus bolt that was manufactured for use in the Polish PPS-43 sub-machine gun. Made from machined steel the bolt is complete with the firing pin, charging handle, and extractor all complete and in excellent condition. This bolt is an excellent spare part to have on hand for your registered PPS-43 machine gun or could be modified for use in a home-built semi-automatic PPS-43.

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The PPS-43 was the standard sub-machine gun of the Soviet Union and all Warsaw Pact aligned nations from the time it was first fielded in 1943. This wide spread usage resulted in millions of PPS-43 sub-machine guns being produced and given to new Communist aligned governments. Now that the PPS-43 is obsolete and former Soviet aligned nations like Poland are now NATO members, vast quantities of surplus PPS-43's have been sold off to US importers. This vast surplus sale is how we came to have a large supply of "near-new" PPS-43 parts, which includes this PPS-43 bolt.

There are many uses for the PPS-43 bolt, the first being spare parts for your legally registered PPS-43 sub-machine gun. Many PPS-43 sub-machine guns were imported and built before the 1986 cut-off and remain transferable. With the PPS-43 being out of production for decades, it is important to ensure you have a supply of critical spare parts like this bolt. Home hobbyists can also modify this PPS-43 bolt to allow it to only fire semi-automatic for use in home-built and designed firearms. The PPS-43 bolt is built to withstand the pressure of the 7.62x25 round making it ideal for use in a home-built firearm.

  • Authentic Polish Army PPS-43 Part
  • Excellent Condition
  • No Restrictions or License Required to Purchase or Own

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Customer Reviews

New part
Review by Dale
Verified Buyer
I received a new part for a 50+ year old modified sub-machine gun for $20. I don't need it now but when I do (this is the only moving part and will wearout), I will have one. Just takes some minor modifications to work. Gun shop could charge large amount to fix this part. KS again has another great deal that will save me money.
Great part for a PPS-43 build
Review by Josh
Verified Buyer
Excellent bolt for building/rebuilding a PPS-43. Solid piece of craftsmanship!
Just like new!
Review by scott
Verified Buyer
The bolt I received appears to look as if it was never used, unlike pictures shown above. I see no storage wear or grime anywhere on the bolt surface; and for the price you cant beat, considering these bolts usually sell between 30 to 40 dollars a piece. Overall all a great deal and highly recommended.

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