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Product Restrictions


This guide is to help both our customers and our staff ensure compliance with various state, local, and federal laws governing our ability to ship certain products. This guide should merely be used as a guide, we make no guarantee as to the accuracy or completeness.  If you have questions about the legal status of purchasing a product and it is not covered in this guide, please call your local police department with questions as we are unable to provide this information. When you purchase from our website you are certifying that the item you purchase is legal to own in your jurisdiction and that you are over the legal age to own the item.

This guide represents company policy for compliance purposes, please do not call our office trying to convince us to ship something that is not listed.  If you have believe you have more up-to-date information, you may fax it to us at 301-645-3684.


  • All ammunition is shipped age-restricted, minimum 21-years to sign for delivery to ensure compliance with all Federal and common carrier laws.
  • By purchasing ammunition from our company, you are certifying the following:
    • That you are over the legal age to purchase ammunition
    • You are not prohibited by any state, federal, or local laws from owning ammunition or firearms.


  • All firearms will either be shipped to a valid FFL in your state or can be purchased directly by Maryland residents at our facility
  • Every firearm transaction must be performed in compliance with Federal and Maryland state laws.

Tear Gas

  • Purchasers of tear gas products certify they are over the age of 21 and have all proper training and licenses if required.

Postal Restrictions

The following products are restricted by postal regulation from being mailed and will only be shipped through common carrier (UPS or Fedex):

  • Any knives or other sharp objects 
  • Firearms
  • Ammunition
  • Flare Guns
  • Lock smith tools

International Restrictions:

We are unable to ship the following items to our International customers:

  • Handcuffs or other restraints
  • Tear Gas, regardless of composition
  • Ammunition
  • Firearms
  • Controlled Firearms Components (magazines, triggers, bolts, firing pins)
  • Flare Pistols, regardless of caliber
  • Batons and other crowd control items
  • Stun Guns, Tasers, Automatic Knives
  • Body Armor, regardless of protection level
  • Ballistic helmets, regardless of protection level
  • Inert Grenades


  • No sales of Slingshots

State Restrictions:


  • Magazines over 10 rounds are banned from sale, regardless of ban status
  • Firearms suitability for transfer into California shall be governed by your California dealer
  • All firearms shipped will be done under a CFLC Letter which we do daily

  • No magazines over 10 rounds after 7/1/2013


  • We are unable to sell body armor to Connecticut residents
  • No magazines over 10 rounds


  • No sales of any magazines to any individual over 20 rounds.
  • Orders of pistol ammunition require a copy of your Maryland state drivers license
  • Sales of firearms to military stationed in Maryland will require copies of your military orders showing duty postings to Maryland


  • No sales of ammunition
  • No sales of Slingshots
  • No sales of automatic knives
  • No sales of stun guns or tasers
  • No magazines over 10 rounds unless you have a Class A License on file