Quick Release Shotgun Shell Carrier

The Quick Release Shotgun Shell Carrier is a 5-shell carrier made by FAB Defense in Israel. Designed to allow for lightning fast attach and detach through the quick release lever, this shell carrier is ideal for any security professional or tactical team member.

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The tactical shotgun is an essential support weapon on any tactical team. No other firearm has the versatility or stopping power in a tactical close quarters situation than a shotgun. More and more this is being recognized by not just tactical teams but also recreational shooters and civilians interested in protecting their homes and businesses. With there being a wide variety of shotgun ammunition that is suitable for specialized applications, this quick release shell carrier is ideal for preparing special packs to respond to any situation.

This shotgun shell carrier from FAB Defense is ideal for this type of specialized use. If you notice the individual shell carriers are designed in a manner that allows visual opportunities to see each shell color. With this feature you can easily see immediately what type of shell you have loaded in the carrier and make a determination as to what response is required. If you are dealing with door breaching, load a door breaching round into the first shell carrier. Is your need more less lethal? You can easily load rubber shotgun shells and quickly be able to distinguish them from shells designed to do maximum damage.

  • Attaches to any Picatinny or Weaver Rail
  • Holds 5 12-ga Shotgun Shells
  • Quick Release Lever - Easily Removed or Installed
  • Made in Israel by FAB Defense
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