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Winchester PDX1 12-Gauge Ammo – Winchester's Innovative Home and Personal Defense Load

Winchester PDX1 12-Gauge Ammo

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Winchester PDX1 12-Gauge Ammo

So you have finally begun considering your options regarding home defense, have you? Good for you. You know, one can never be too careful in these troubled times. I see you have already barred the windows and put new locks on all the doors. And that is a pretty nice alarm system you have there. I guess it is a good start. But as many know, those provisions will not always be enough in a true life or death situation. If you want true protection, a shotgun is probably your best bet. Go get one. I will wait.

Oh, hello. Welcome back. That is a pretty nice shotgun you have there. It should serve you well. Unfortunately you forgot that ammunition plays a big part in firearms used for home and personal defense. And since you want your shots to count, you will want to buy a high-quality product that you can trust your life to. No need to run out to the store, though. We here at have exactly what you need – Winchester PDX1 12-gauge ammo.

There are not too many shotgun shells available that are better suited for home and personal defense than Winchester PDX1 12-gauge shotgun shells. Each 10-shell package offers the innovative combination of three plated, double-aught (00) pellets and a 1oz rifled slug – all of which is packed into 2.75-inch 12-gauge shells that are specifically designed to stop immediate threats.

I can say with some certainty that shotgun ammunition does not get much better than this. If you are serious about home and personal defense, get serious about your ammunition. Get Winchester PDX1 12-gauge ammo – available now for just $13.55.


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Rich 2/8/2013 2/8/20137:34 AM
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The PDX1 12 ga ammo I have is what I keep in my tactical shotgun. It is not constructed the way they are described. Mine have 3 copper colored discs underneath 6 buckshot. I can say that they were fine in the 3 disc configuration but maybe someone else did not think so. I could see where a slug may have better knockdown power without a doubt but the 3 disc would also cause quite a bit of damage to whatever it hit. This is the first time I have ever reviewed a item to state differences in the ones I have as opposed to the ones available for purchase. It's a mystery to me. My ratings are based on the PDX 1 I have. I do have some German shells that are like your description and they have good knockdown stay down power with the slug and buckshot.

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