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Winchester .45 ACP JHP (230gr) – 50 Rounds of 230gr JHP Ammunition

Winchester .45 ACP JHP (230gr)


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Here we go again with the discussion of firearms, ammunition and personal protection. It seems that we have this discussion every week. But because it is so important, I do not feel too bad about it. Normally, this discussion involves home defense, which begs at least a passing mention of shotguns. Today, we are focused primarily on personal protection and self-defense, which makes it much more acceptable for pistols to enter the fray. And enter the fray they will.

Now, you never want to run into a situation with gun blazing. That will inevitably land you in a heap of trouble. But sometimes you might have to rely on a pistol to save your life. If you plan on carrying a pistol, you better make sure you are properly prepared. Among many other things, that means selecting ammunition that is appropriate for personal protection. Almost always, jacketed hollow points (JHP) are the most suitable choice. A hollow point is a bullet with a hollowed out tip that is designed to expand upon impact in order to maximize tissue damage and control penetration. That means enhanced stopping power and lowered risk of collateral damage. Those with a .45-caliber pistol need look no further than Winchester .45 ACP JHP ammunition for personal protection and their self-defense needs.

There are not too many brands more reliable than Winchester and there are not many bullets better suited for personal protection than Winchester .45 ACP JHP ammunition. Each box contains 50 rounds of 230gr jacketed hollow point bullets. It is perfect for any .45-caliber pistol.

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Michael 11-309-2012 11-05-201221:42
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Ever reliable
I use this in my Taurus PT845SS. Very accurate and reliable. I could depend my life on this.

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