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1911 Hammer – Mil-Spec Replacement Hammer for the M1911

1911 Hammer


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1911 Hammer

Some things are just meant to look a certain way. If you are not sure of what I am talking about, take a moment and let the following examples sink in.

In 1977, the Toronto Blue Jays joined Major League Baseball as an expansion franchise. Their classic logo seemed timeless. That is until 2003, when it was replaced with a drastically different logo, which was then followed up by another abomination that lasted from 2004 through the 2011 season. Thankfully, someone with some sense steered the team back to its roots because, face it, the Blue Jays are meant to look a certain way.

Still not sure? Consider the following. Jonah Hill, actor extraordinaire, was once quite portly. Then he was not. Then he was again. Sure, the doctor will undoubtedly say his weight loss was for the best, but he just did not look right without the heft.

Similarly, the M1911 pistol is meant to look a certain way – the way John Browning designed it over 100 years ago. Today, variations exist with all sorts of crazy customizations from combat hammers and lightweight triggers to fiber optic front sights and competition rear sights. Though some of these upgrades may look cool or improve functionality, there is only one true M1911.

If you want a traditional looking 1911 pistol, consider starting with a solid spur steel hammer like’s new 1911 hammer. This newly manufactured hammer is available now for just $19.95.

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