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The Red Rock ghillie blanket is a large concealment blanket designed to resemble dense foliage and can provide superb concealment and ground cover when used as a hunting blind or alongside a sniper unit. A security blanket in the truest sense of the word, the Red Rock ghillie blanket is now available in the iconic woodland camouflage pattern and will surely be a useful piece of equipment on your next hunting trip.

The word ghillie is derived from "gille", Scottish Gaelic for "servant," and is traditionally used to refer to a young attendant on outdoor expeditions, which explains nicely its use in the term ghillie blanket. Others believe that the word comes from the name Ghillie Dhu, a guardian of trees in Scottish folklore, which is also a plausible explanation.

Much like traditional ghillie suits, ghillie blankets are designed in such a way that they resemble dense foliage in order to provide for excellent concealment in the outdoors. In order to achieve such concealment, ghillie blankets are typically constructed with loose strips of fabric that replicate leaves and other brush and serve to occlude the silhouette of a person and his or her equipment rather than just match the colors of one's surroundings. Additionally, the fabric strips are able to move freely in the wind alongside surrounding foliage, which serves to further enhance one's concealment.

The Red Rock ghillie blanket is a large 5 foot by 12 foot blanket with near-limitless applications and a bunch of great features that make it a truly tempting purchase. Each side of the ghillie blanket is double-stitched to ensure durability, while each corner includes a sturdy metal grommet that can be used to hang it up or tie it down. Lightweight and fire retardant, there is no job too tough for the Red Rock ghillie blanket. Hunting blind, ground cover, tree stands, equipment coverage and more – the Red Rock ghillie blanket does it all. Each ghillie blankets also includes a tough stuff sack with shoulder strap for carrying.

As noted, the Red Rock ghillie blanket is available in woodland camouflage. Also known as the M81 pattern, the woodland camouflage pattern debuted in 1981 and is a four-colored camouflage pattern that combines swaths of green, tan, brown and black and was intended for general cover in both temperate and tropical woodland environments.

Snuggle up with your Red Rock ghillie blanket in times of great duress or cover yourself up while in on the hunt for big game. No matter what you choose to use your ghillie blanket for, it will serve proudly.

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