Remington Express Magnum 12HB00 Buckshot

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Remington Express Magnum 12HB00 buckshot is a product from the Remington Arms Company, LLC. Developed as a multi-functional shotshell that is ideal for either big game hunting or self-defense, Remington Express Magnum 12HB00 buckshot is designed to yield consistent performance with tight, even patterns shot after shot. Each box contains five 12-gauge shotshells, each of which contains 15 pellets of double-aught (00) buckshot.

Remington Express Magnum 12HB00 buckshot is a product from the company's extensive line of shotshells. From slugs and buckshot to target loads and home defense, each and every product in the Remington shotshell line is marked by its consistent high performance, uncanny accuracy and outstanding value – all qualities that make these shotshells a perfect choice to suit your deer hunting or self-defense needs. 

That said each box of Remington Express Magnum 12HB00 buckshot, as noted, contains five premium shotshells. Each 12-gauge shotshell measures three inches in length and contains 15 pellets of double-aught (00) buckshot, which is an ideal load for both deer hunting and self-defense. Additionally, this particular load is capable of producing muzzle velocities that have been observed to travel at speeds of up to 1,225 fps.

  • Velocity: 1225 ft/sec
  • Pellet Size: 00 Buck
  • Number of Pellets: 15
  • Shell Length: 3 Inches
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