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Rock N' Roll #2 - Front Cover

Rock N Roll 2


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  • Rock N' Roll #2 - Front Cover Rock N' Roll #2 - Front Cover
  • Rock N' Roll #2 - Back Cover Rock N' Roll #2 - Back Cover

Rock N Roll 2

Rock N' Roll #2 features more than 20 state-of-the-art automatic weapons, all of which are demonstrated, broken down, and experienced in this action-packed program. The demand for this production was created by the overwhelming response to Rock N' Roll #1.

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This Gun Movie - Rock N' Roll #2 features Thompson, Mauser Broomhandle, MAC-10, M-2 .50 Caliber, Sten Mark II, 1917 Water-Cooled, Steyr Aug, Browning Automatic, M-14, M-16, MP-40, UZI and many more from around the world.  This film has been used professionally by LAPD, FBI, CIA, DEA, DOE, KGB, and hundreds of law enforcement agencies worldwide.

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