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We have three new posters showcasing the RPG-7, a shoulder-fired, anti-tank rocket-propelled grenade launcher. One poster showcases the launcher and its inner workings while the remaining two offer different renderings of the grenades themselves. Our RPG-7 posters are as much about admiring an iconic tool of war as they are brushing up on your Czech, which is a must if you plan on reading them.

All three RPG-7 posters are now available.

Originally, these posters were used as training posters for the Czech military. They were typically used for instructional purposes for the Czech army and could routinely be found in training rooms.

This poster measures approximately 39 inches by 27 inches and are printed on heavyweight cardstock, making it much more durable than most posters.

Overall, the RPG-7 posters serve as a schematic for the launcher and the RPGs it fires, with each offering insight into all critical parts and components of the RPG-7. Now, I do not think I mentioned this, but all posters are presented in Czech – happy translating.

Whether you are a collector of Czech militaria or you just like cool posters, these RPG-7 posters are sure to class up any room. Pick one up today.

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