Ruger 10/22 Laser

One of the most in demand accessories for any firearm is a quality laser sight. Ruger knows this and decided to work with LaserMax to bring the very best laser sight to market for their popular 10/22 rifle. This laser is simple to install, simply remove the existing barrel band on your 10/22 and replace it with this laser. As an added benefit you'll also then have two picatinny rails to install other accessories.

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This Ruger 10/22 Laser is made for Ruger by LaserMax. LaserMax is an industry leader in laser sights and their dominance is why Ruger selected them to manufacturer their own branded laser for the 10/22. With full support from both Ruger and LaserMax, the choice of which laser to get for your 10/22 just got easier.

  • Laser Color: Red
  • Laser Intensity: 635 nm
  • Laser Power: 5mW
  • Range: 100 yards
  • Factory Set: Zero at 25 yards
  • Adjustable: Fully Adjustable for Windage and Elevation
  • Battery: 1/3N Lithium
  • Runtime: 2 Hours Continuous
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Overall Rating
Fun with your Ruger 1022
Review by Zinab C.
<span>This item makes it fun to shoot falling plates and other things without using the sights</span>
Overall Rating
so far so good, came with dead battery?
Review by Satoko D.
<span>When I first mounted this and tried to adjust it I thought it was a total dud. laser dot was so faint I couldn't get beyond 20 yards or so. Generic batteries are cheep on KeepShooting so I orders a few new ones. With a new battery things are great. The brightness of the ambient lighting makes a big difference but I think this will be fine at 50 yards in most daylight. Beyond that I'm not sure the dot will be large enough to easily see with out the scope. I installed it on a 10/22 with a very good zoom scope that was sighted accurately. The laser was near perfect vertically but I needed to adjust it a bit to the left horizontally.<br>I need to shoot more with this before I take the scope off the rifle but I am leaning that way.<br>I didn't have particular high expectations given the low cost. So far this has been a happy surprise.</span>
Overall Rating
I am Surprised
Review by Lavonia E.
<span>This laser is a lot easier to see than I expected. The distance that you sight it in is critical since the laser sits below the barrel. I sighted it in at 35 and it is still on paper at 100. I would really like to sight it in at a longer distance but too far out and you cannot see the laser at close range with the rifle shouldered.</span>
Overall Rating
Defective Screw, Can't Secure the Battery Case
Review by Cally D.
<span>Not super expensive as far as modifications go, but you get what you pay for. One of the screws for closing the battery case isn't threaded, and it only comes with 2 so I can't secure it properly. Will try to get a full refund.</span>
Overall Rating
Must remove factory sling swivel hole
Review by Samson E.
<span>Easy to install and adjust laser. Fits plastic factory 10/22 stock perfectly. However you will lose your sling swivel hole and have to get an after market one after installing this laser</span>
Overall Rating
Made for Ruger
Review by Malky I.
<span>Designed for the 10/22, so it fits and looks good doing it.</span>
Overall Rating
Good Item
Review by Kerney W.
Received in three days after placing my order. Will be back to shop at KS.
Overall Rating
Difficult to operate
Review by Esequiel I.
<span>This device was very cheaply made for the price it was not very durable. 2 screws not in the package were not there but were listed in the included instructions.I later noticed others encountered similar experiences so I must presume that whoever made this device does not follow quality control. The on and off switch was abominable and very inconvenient to operate. I would not recommend this item.</span>
Overall Rating
Review by Ruddy Y.
lasers look good. Exactly what I needed.
Overall Rating
It works okay but a bit clunky
Review by Kiah F.
<span>Adjustments are a bit sloppy and the rail makes any light attachment stick way out. The laser button can be bumped on easily. For the money this works well and gives a solid base to mount a light.</span>
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