Ruger LCR

The Ruger LCR is a double-action revolver that is chambered in .38 Special. Masterfully built on a small frame, this punch-packing revolver features a 5-catridge cylinder, a concealed hammer and a host of features that serve to reduce size and weight without sacrificing performance. Each Ruger LCR comes with a padded soft case.

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The American Rifleman Golden Bullseye Award for "Handgun of the Year" is symbolic of excellence and innovation in the field of firearms. It is no wonder then, that the Ruger LCR won the award in 2010. As noted, the LCR is a scaled down revolver that presents the shooter with a lightweight, compact product without sacrificing performance.

The most noticeable feature, and the one that plays most significantly in the light weight of the revolver, is its use of polymer in its construction. The lower frame assembly, dubbed the fire-control housing by Ruger, is manufactured using a lightweight polymer that serves to reduce both recoil and weight. This is complemented by a monolithic frame made from aerospace grade, 7000 series aluminum. And though the cylinder is made from stainless steel – never a bad idea – it is fluted, serving to further reduce the overall weight. Not only that, but it is treated with Ruger's Target Grey® finish for enhanced durability and rated for +P ammunition.

So the Ruger LCR is light, but what about its performance. The LCR is built using a patent pending friction-reducing cam. What does that mean? It means that the fire control system features an optimized cam that provides smooth, non-stacking trigger pull – perfect for self-defense. But enough about that, our obsession with size and weight means it is time for some specifications.

The Ruger LCR is one of the company's smallest and lightest offerings to date, featuring a 1.875-inch barrel and an overall length of just 6.5 inches. As noted, the frame is manufactured from aluminum and the fire control housing is manufactured from polymer. Coupled with a fluted stainless steel cylinder, the LCR weighs in at a meager 13.5 ounces. Other features include a notched rear sight, a pinned ramp front sight and a Hogue® Tamer™ grip that is replaceable with a variety of aftermarket grip styles.

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Ruger LCR-357 – Lightweight, Compact Revolver Suitable for Concealed Carry
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Customer Reviews

probably the best pocket gun on the market
Review by Trejan E.
Verified Buyer
This is my second LCR (I have the .327 mag as well).Excellent trigger, great and reliable gun. Super cheap and lightweight. This is a great option as a back up gun and or just a pocket gun
Just had to have it.
Review by Dilin X.
Verified Buyer
I own two Ruger LCR 327s and a SP101 327. My wife uses the two LCRs and I keep the SP101 in my bed holster. We're not getting younger so we take no chances. When the LCR 38 Special went on sale I just had buy as my car weapon. I've fired over a hundred rounds through it and found it to be surprisingly accurate for a snub nose. The muzzle fire and explosive noise alone gives you a sense of power and security. 5 Stars with no problem.
Perfect for concealed carry!
Review by Darick W.
Verified Buyer
I absolutely love the way this gun fits in my hand. It is the perfect size and lightweight.
Ruger LCR
Review by Vicki B.
Verified Buyer
Great overall firearm. I purchased this as my backup piece for my ankle. Fires everytime at the range, so far very happy with it
Review by Bartolo Q.
Verified Buyer
Terrific! Easy lightweight all day carry that goes into action w/out a stop to chamber a round or safety off. 3
Great features: easy change front sight to low/no light; fab grip & very smooth trigger. All at super price! Thx!
Super light and a pleasure to shoot.
Review by Raushan Z.
Verified Buyer
Love this gun. I can carry it interchangeably with my lcp and I don't notice any difference in the pocket of cargo shorts but much better stopping power and more accurate.
mixed impression
Review by Han G.
Verified Buyer
I know the reviews here and elsewhere have been very positive on the LCR.Fast and free Memorial Day shipping from KeepShooting. Best price anywhere. I handled two LCR .38s and different local stores and was interested. I haven't shot it yet because I'm not sure if I will keep it. The trigger pull at my FFL/gunsmith was almost 11 lbs.. In a combat situation I don't think I would be accurate with it in rapid sequence because of the heavy trigger. I have shot it a couple of hundred times with snap caps with no improvement. Slow pulls at the range would be alright.I have 4 other revolvers, all Smiths, and I have their triggers at 1/2 that. However they are not this small.The cylinder release is extremely hard and gritty, harder than those I saw at the stores. I am unable to get it to work with my thumbs. I took a marking pen's rounded end and exercised it a couple of hundred times with a drop or two of thin oil. This did nothing so I will have to send it back to Ruger.Note that the gun rattles because of the transfer bar, a safety feature. I thought something was loose or broken at first until I researched it. This is supposed to be normal.
Fantastic Service, great price, and first rate merchandise.
Review by Adelaido B.
Verified Buyer
I already knew what to expect from the gun - the KeepShooting service and price were really a nice surprise. These folks are GREAT!
Review by Dashae J.
Verified Buyer
Great Revolver .. very accurate [and small]. Best price I've seen anywhere --- and VERY FAST shipping.
Late to the party
Review by Jeremiah H.
Verified Buyer
I've been inching closer to getting the LCR this last 2 years. I have an LCP, which carries like a dream but shooting it leaves me cold. I favor the LCR for its lite weight, smooth trigger, Hogue grip, HiViz sight and Lasermax, plus, its shootability over the LCP.I carry the LCR in an Elite Survival pocket holster or a Desantis Mini Scabbard leather belt holster (both for LCR w/ Lasemax).Considering the pluses of the LCR, I'm thinking I have a winner!
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