Russian AK-47 Sling

The Russian AK-47 Sling is an authentic Russian military surplus sling for the AK-47 rifle. Constructed from tough canvas material with metal buckle and clip, once installed onto your AK-47 rifle this sling will give you an authentic appearance. Most slings for the AK-47 rifle come from Romania or are commercial copies, we are pleased to finally have an authentic Russian AK-47 sling to offer to you.

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The Russian AK-47 Sling is an essential accessory issued with every AK-47 rifle in the Russian military. Using a sling like this one will allow soldiers to easily carry their rifles and provides for stabilized shooting when used properly. Equally important, your vintage AK-47 style rifle will not look correct without the installation of one of these original Russian AK-47 slings.

With the availability of original Russian AK-47 accessories being limited, these AK-47 slings are a great find. There have been no new Russian AK-47 rifles produced since they were phased out for the AK-74. We have not had any authentic Russian AK-47 parts or accessories offered to us for a very long time and do not foresee this changing. Only a very small number of these original Russian AK slings are available.

  • Authentic Russian AK-47 Sling
  • Made from Canvas
  • Metal Clip and Buckle
  • Leather Keeper
  • Surplus Condition - Many Soaked in Cosmoline

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Customer Reviews

Very robust
Review by Survivalism is Freedom
Verified Buyer
A very robust and heavily made historical collectible with great practical value. Great addition to anyone's AK pattern rifle.
A great accessory for any Warsaw Pact Rifle!
Review by Ross
Verified Buyer
My sling arrived today and was in great shape! There was some loss of the grey paint on the metal, up the canvas was solid and only had signs of storage wear. The Soviet manufacturing stamp was present on the sling, albeit a little difficult to read (looks like it was made in 1968). Definitely a good value!
Awesome look for any AK.
Review by David
Verified Buyer
The strap is in excellent shape and the metallic parts show wear but, it's the wear you want to see. Great surplus find KS!
Genuine article
Review by Michael
Verified Buyer
Mine also was missing paint, but it cleaned easily and did not have a strong musty odor. I fire the rifle it is on almost weekly and feel like my great great grandkids could use this sling.
Can be crispy, but always serviceable!
Review by seth
Verified Buyer
These slings often have paint worn off the metal bits and a little corrosion. They'll always benefit from a good cleaning, but they'll ALWAYS be servicable! These things are indestructible!
Perfect accessory
Review by Dave
Verified Buyer
Nothing says authentic like a real Russian sling on your AK. Mine arrived promptly and is currently attached to a Zastava . It is the perfect functional accessory. Slightly musty smell (according to my wife) and just enough wear to look the part. It still has a lot of life in it. True to the Russian spirit it is rugged and durable. Good value for the price.
Just like the picture
Review by Edwin
Verified Buyer
My Sling came just exactly like the one in the picture.

It smells strongly of Cosmoline, but it's overall in nice used condition.

The strap will need to be washed and scrubbed thoroughly with soap to get the grimy feel off of it, but it has nice color. The metal hardware has a little to no paint on it anymore, I will have to fix that somehow, kind of disappointing but it's to be expected. The metal is not gold-colored like other Russian slings, it is simply grey. And the little leather piece is probably in the best condition.

I would say given these are hard to come by in the United States, it is very worth the money. You don't have to order from Russia and give Russian companies the business they don't deserve right now. (Sorry, I am Pro-Ukrainian in the current crisis)

Value and Price are 5 stars, it's just going to take a little elbow grease to get this like new again. Definitely would recommend.
AK sling
Review by alex
Verified Buyer
These are well used slings. They look like the one in the pics. Mine had a layer of junk on it. After i washed it a couple of times it look much nicer. good value overall.
As always, another great deal
Review by DREW
Verified Buyer
I bought 2 of these one for my AK and one for my Saiga 308. They aren't new, but I knew that when I bought em. Both were in great shape and work perfectly and best of all they ARE authentic. Like the description says buy em while they are available because authentic Russian slings only come around once in a blue moon. Anybody that sees one of these on your Ak will ask you how you got your hands on one. I wouldn't have thought a sling could change the badass look that an AK already has but these definitely do. Thanks again Keep Shooting you guys are a surplus buyers wet dream!

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