Russian AK-47 Sling

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The Russian AK-47 Sling is an authentic Russian military surplus sling for the AK-47 rifle. Constructed from tough canvas material with metal buckle and clip, once installed onto your AK-47 rifle this sling will give you an authentic appearance. Most slings for the AK-47 rifle come from Romania or are commercial copies, we are pleased to finally have an authentic Russian AK-47 sling to offer to you.

The Russian AK-47 Sling is an essential accessory issued with every AK-47 rifle in the Russian military. Using a sling like this one will allow soldiers to easily carry their rifles and provides for stabilized shooting when used properly. Equally important, your vintage AK-47 style rifle will not look correct without the installation of one of these original Russian AK-47 slings.

With the availability of original Russian AK-47 accessories being limited, these AK-47 slings are a great find. There have been no new Russian AK-47 rifles produced since they were phased out for the AK-74. We have not had any authentic Russian AK-47 parts or accessories offered to us for a very long time and do not foresee this changing. Only a very small number of these original Russian AK slings are available.

  • Authentic Russian AK-47 Sling
  • Made from Canvas
  • Metal Clip and Buckle
  • Leather Keeper
  • Surplus Condition - Many Soaked in Cosmoline
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