Russian Khaki Shelter Half

The Russian Khaki Shelter Half was widely issued to Soviet troops. Soldiers could use this as a shelter half, or it can be worn as a poncho. Made of heavy duty canvas, and provides maximum coverage from the elements.

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Features of this Russian Khaki Shelter Half:

  • Made of heavy canvas
  • Pie shaped when laid flat
  • Like New Condition
  • Authentic Soviet Issue Item
More Information
Overall Rating
Polish (not Russian) shelter half
Review by Mike
As many reviewers have said, this is a Polish, not a Russian, shelter half. Since I was actually hoping it would be a Polish one, I'm very happy with the outcome. I ordered two of these, and got a size 2 that was un-issued from 1980 and a size 1 that was issued from 1983 but was in great shape. You can make a tent out of two different sized ponchos, but for some reason while I found I could button one side closed, I couldn't button the other (they weren't spaced the same due to size), but you can certainly just stake down the grommets at the door, and that should work.
Overall Rating
New old stock
Review by Dan
Great poncho, came as described. Two of these combine to be a tent.
Overall Rating
Like it a lot
Review by burymeinthewoods
Great poncho/shelter! Use it in far north winter conditions and didn’t die. Will buy another set for backup.
Overall Rating
Half Shelter is Polish army Lavuu version
Review by Linda
I received very fast and in good condition ,but i wanted to mention this is not Russian Version where Russian version poncho shelter also well known as palsh palatka is 100%cotton Canvas,this is Polish army Lavvu poncho version and just to add this is not 100%cotton canvas, this is polyester blend with cotton,so if you plan to wax this will be a bad idea and you might want to think again and look for real palsh palatka 100%cotton canvas Russian version,however this is good nice shelter poncho at reasonable price,mine come in size 2 -height 170cm-180cm stamp and year 1985 ,keep in mind this come without poles and pegs,as i understand sizes are random and you gamble what size you will receive overall good buy.
Overall Rating
great,great item
Review by powderbob
The two shelters I received are in brand spanking new condition and very happy with my purchase. KeepShooting did a great job of packing them good all together with the two big Bulgarian Army cots with the order and some other stuff. Again, I'm very pleased with the shelters, mine are from the 1980's, very heavy duty. Two put together make a nice pup tent/shelter big enough for my 5'11" tall body. They are great as ponchos covering everything I need to cover on me, with the grommets down and a string up for the hood. With the two, buttoned arm openings, it's easy to use and hold things. However, They are NOT Russian, but are Polish as I've bought the same some years ago. On mine, the writings are in Polish alphabet, not in Russian. I didn't care about it, I like them and that is what I was looking for anyway.
Overall Rating
Fab item
Review by William
A really great item. Mine were/are in fine shape. These come in 3 sizes- you get no choice, apparently, but you can tell the size by the number of grommets on the corner. I wanted my two to be in size 3, as I am a tall dude, but got a 1 and a 2. Not really for wearing to Whole Foods, but maybe Kroger or the Food Lion. On Halloween, I had a lot of fun with this and a scythe (although that got heavy after a while), our group was a 'peasant insurrection' with yard implements, but the kids just called me death. I got 2 so I could try the tent thing, but alas, they are different sizes. The tent thing might be a kid thing, as I can't imagine sleeping under the shelter, but I am looking forward to walking the dog in the next rain storm.
Overall Rating
Brand spanking new!
Review by Norman
It was sent to me new without tags and when I put water on it after an hour the water did not penetrate to the inner side! I highly recommend this poncho/ shelter and will buy another!
Overall Rating
Great Item
Review by Mark
This is listed as a Russian Shelter Half but it's actually Polish Army Issue from the 1970's-1980's... not a problem though as that's exactly what I was looking for to complete an 80's Polish equipment display..
Great item, in brand new condition and dated 1980.. also had paper factory tag attached. Person taking the order was a pleasure to deal with and super fast shipping, arrived in just two days. overall a great deal and outstanding service.
Overall Rating
Review by William
Everyone should have these POLISH shelter halves in their inventory. Mine arrived in New condition. Clean, no storage odor or discoloration. Tight buttons and seats, no corrosion on the grommets, perfect.

Have already ordered more!
Overall Rating
Misrepresented Not Russian and not Khaki
Review by David
First the good.
The ponchos came in a sealed bag as a matched set, the same size, perfect for use as a tent. Their construction looks solid and they are clearly new. As such, I have no complaints as to their quality.

The bad.
My Russian shelter halves have Polish manufacturer tags in them. It might be another Slavic language written in the Roman alphabet, but it's not Cyrillic Russian writing.

The Polish Lavuu is very well thought of, it would have been better to properly label the product and market it as such.

But, that is a mere nuisance.

The khaki colored product I was promised is a dark olive drab. I paid a premium price for a lighter color and KS did not deliver. As such the product is misrepresented. It will be dark in the winter and hot in the summer, not what I paid for.

I paid a premium price for these khaki models, especially in shipping to the west coast, $27 with another small item, and a week in transit.

Dark green Polish lavuus are readily available for less. Again these are not light brown khaki.

I won't hassle with returning them, as a tent their green conical shape will blend into my northwest woods very nicely. But I paid top dollar for a light colored product I'd intended for summer use.

I didnt get it.
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