Russian M40 Helmet

Whether you have got a need to guard your gray matter or you just like military surplus, the Russian M40 helmet is sure to put a smile on your face. Coming to you from the 1940s, these military surplus helmets are the same helmets worn by the Red Army during the Soviet Union's Great Patriotic War with Nazi Germany. These steel helmets are great for reenactments, costumes and much more.

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As noted, the Russian M40 helmet was the standard-issue service helmet for the Soviet Union's Red Army, meaning it saw extended service throughout the Great Patriotic War and the European Theatre of World War II. The Red Army dates back to January 1918, when it originated as a revolutionary communist militia during the Russian Civil War. Eventually, the Red Army, named due to the traditional color of the workers' movement, became the national army of the Soviet Union. The Red Army played a pivotal role in the Great Patriotic War and WWII as a whole. In 1946, when Soviet nationalism gained prominence over revolutionary symbolism, the Red Army was renamed the Soviet army.

The Russian M40 helmets being offered by are original Russian military surplus items. Though they appear to be unissued, we cannot guarantee that fact. Nevertheless, each helmet appears unused and is in excellent cosmetic and working condition. No matter what you plan on doing with your helmet, the M40 is sure to be a great addition to your collection.

Each Russian M40 helmet features a solid-steel construction and a coat of green paint that has survived beautifully throughout the years. The original leather liner remains intact and is adjustable for to fit most. Understand that this helmet, originally manufactured in the 1940s, does not feature modern materials or technology. As such, the leather liner is crudely adjusted by way of a cotton drawstring. It may not be pretty, but it gets the job done. Similarly, the leather chinstrap remains intact and is also fully adjustable for a number of different configurations. The Soviet factory stamps should please as well as ensure their authenticity.

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Russian Army Surplus
Overall Rating
Becoming a Russian peasant has never been easier
Review by Michael
I bought this helmet because I have a growing interest in collecting Russian military surplus. Mine arrived with a few light scuffs, but other than that it looks like it could have been made yesterday. Looks good with my Mosin.
Overall Rating
Surplus Helmet
Review by Dominic
I'm glad i could find a WWII surplus helmet for this price. It does have marks on it, but it is over 70 years old so I'm not upset with it. I like to see it along with my WWII Soviet rifles. Good purchase, in my opinion.
Overall Rating
iconic war helmet
Review by Michael
These are a must have for the WWI and WWII collector. I payed more like $16 when I bought one from these guys, but that was before they gained popularity and lost availability! If you want one I would jump on it. P.S. if you plan on wearing one for whatever reason, I would suggest using leather softener on the chin strap!
Overall Rating
OK Condition
Review by texmln
My helmet came in fairly decent condition but with plenty of scuffs, scratches and gunk that looks like adhesive from where stickers may have been removed. No dings and no major damage so it still looks OK. I'm certainly not an expert in military helmets so I can't speak to value for money too much but you might find one in unissued condition out there for not much more.
Overall Rating
That one thing no one has
Review by Southern boy
Good deal for a surplus helmet, mine had very little marks on it looks like it might have never been worn before. Many of my friends have guns... But not helmets!

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