The Russian Obrez CO2 Pistol is an ultra realistic CO2 powered replica of the Obrez pistol. The Obrez was a cut down Mosin Nagant M1891 that was seen frequently in use during the Russian Civil War. There are few real world versions of the Obrez due to the NFA restrictions yet demand for historic Russian weapons continues to climb. Recognizing this Gletcher has taken up the task of producing a CO2 powered version of the classic Obrez and the results are sure to please any fan of the Mosin Nagant who has always wanted an Obrez.

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The Russian Obrez CO2 Pistol by Gletcher is one of the more interesting replica airguns. Most casual shooters have never heard of the Obrez which was a sawed off version of the Mosin Nagant yet those who have collected Russian firearms long enough undoubtedly know the Obrez. This air gun is for the collector who wants the more obscure firearms and isn't satisfied by an air powered version of a modern weapon. Every aspect of this CO2 version of the Obrez is accurate from the profile of the stock cut down to the length of the barrel.

  • Mosin Nagant Sawed-Off Rifle
  • Bolt Action Repeater
  • Uses Standard 12-Gram CO2 Cartridge
  • 16rd Removable BB Magazine
  • Fixed Front Sight, Adjustable Rear
  • Polymer Stock with Metal Action
  • 3.75lb Trigger Pull - Manual Safety
  • Can Be Field Stripped

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