SABRE Magnum 120 Pepper Spray with Flip Top

The SABRE Magnum 120 Pepper Spray with Flip Top provides maximum stopping power at a safe distance. With the flip top safety, you can be sure that the Magnum 120 is also safe to carry as this helps prevent accidental discharges. Choose the pepper spray brand that is #1 with consumers and police worldwide, choose SABRE.

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  • SABRE Magnum 120 Pepper Spray with Flip Top
  • Flip Top Safety - Safe, Fast, and Easy to Use
  • Maximum Stopping Power - 40 Bursts
  • 12-Foot Range
  • UPC: 023063131207

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Customer Reviews

Dont spray your mom

Review by Makisha L.
Verified Buyer

I like the flip top function, feels ergonomic.

So Strong the smell makes you cough

Review by Zebula W.
Verified Buyer

One sniff, when youre 5 feet away can cause severe coughing!

Five Stars

Review by Johna F.
Verified Buyer

I work in a gas station this is great to have handy

Great stuff!

Review by Joeann P.
Verified Buyer

My husband used this on a drug crazed inmate the other night at shut him down. Great stuff!

Five Stars

Review by Viktor P.
Verified Buyer

I use this item at work hope to never use anywhere else

Handheld liquid hell!

Review by Kimberlie A.
Verified Buyer

Great protection. You will definitely light someone up if you need to. Akin to liquid hell. Be VERY careful discharging this and even getting around the fumes!

It works for sure. Professionally Used

Review by Zula U.
Verified Buyer

It definitely works. The person I used it on stopped all his aggressive acts once it hit him.

Five Stars

Review by Cheryl K.
Verified Buyer

Works on small animals without harming them!

High quality

Review by Arturo X.
Verified Buyer

Excellent product

no one puts the down like saber red

Review by Jotham X.
Verified Buyer

As a former officer of the law I've used multiple one puts them down like saber red.

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