SABRE Magnum 120 Pepper Spray with Flip Top

The SABRE Magnum 120 Pepper Spray with Flip Top provides maximum stopping power at a safe distance. With the flip top safety, you can be sure that the Magnum 120 is also safe to carry as this helps prevent accidental discharges. Choose the pepper spray brand that is #1 with consumers and police worldwide, choose SABRE.

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  • SABRE Magnum 120 Pepper Spray with Flip Top
  • Flip Top Safety - Safe, Fast, and Easy to Use
  • Maximum Stopping Power - 40 Bursts
  • 12-Foot Range
  • UPC: 023063131207

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Customer Reviews

One I use at work.

Review by Michail E.
Verified Buyer

We got sprayed in the correctional officers training academy with this stuff. It is the worst thing you'll ever experience. Needless to say I bought a can for personal use wherever I go I take it with me and feel safe.


Review by Kae B.
Verified Buyer


Confidence in a can!

Review by Severo O.
Verified Buyer

Very good for aggressive crowds.
Gives you adequate time to dip out...
Residual drift is something to be aware of.
Take your time. Aim. Deploy.
Great stuff!

Not 4.36 ounces

Review by Misti Y.
Verified Buyer

Was not 4.37 ounces as listen in the description. It says on the can 110 grams which equals 3.9 ounces. Also the first spray came out as a mist, something that could be a problem if it was a real life situation.

Fast action, nice stream for a few feet away.

Review by Meloney I.
Verified Buyer

Like the gel stream and real ability to shoot the distance it claims.

Great product

Review by Kadaisha U.
Verified Buyer

Excellent product for the price

Good quality.

Review by Letticia W.
Verified Buyer

I've used for years. Very effective.

Good stuff.

Review by Maurizio R.
Verified Buyer

I keep this around the house for less-than-lethal encounters. All the females in my household have been trained how the use this and all picked it up with ease on the first shot. The large can gives you several seconds of continuous spray at about 10'. We practiced outside on an improvised target with a cross wind and the slight wind will effect the spray but since it sprays so long, one can easily adjust. Even my 10 Y.O. grand daughter used it effortlessly. The bit of blow back from the wind let me know it has some bite, even with minuscule exposure.

Rapid Shipping
Review by Tucker N.
Verified Buyer
Price is good and shipping was speedy.
Great Seller
Review by Hieu C.
Verified Buyer
Cost is good and shipping was speedy.
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