Saiga-12 Five-Round Magazine - Performance-Leading Five-Round Magazines for the Saiga-12 Shotgun

Saiga-12 Five-Round Magazine

The Saiga-12 Five Round Magazine is designed to give you the best standard capacity magazine for your Saiga-12 shotgun. Just like the factory original 5 round magazine, our magazine will fit, feed, and function 100% in your Saiga-12.

Description / Saiga-12 Five-Round Magazine


  • Saiga-12 5-Round Magazine
  • Caliber: 12ga
  • Capacity: 5 Rounds

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Manufacturer United Defense LLC

Customer Reviews

great mags.
Review by David
Ordered a few some time back. Great mag for the money.
Awesome deal
Review by Nick
Mine were ready to go out of the box, nice and tight with zero fitting needed. So far I have yet to have a mag related issue with these. The price is also great, you won't find any other Saiga 12 mags for $15. I will definitely be ordering more.
Great Magazines
Review by Alberto
These magazines are a tight fit once I was done removing some material from the rear tab as the instructions included say. A little filing is all it took, well made and smooth feeding.
Great Mags
Review by RemMax
I prefer these to drums in the Saiga12 since they don't add so much weight
They fit and feed without issue and work fine
Great mags to have on hand for your Saiga 12

Love these mags. Would buy more.
Review by Aaron
I really like the five round mags. The springs are nice and strong. I'm glad they required fitting. I was able to leave them nice and tight.
Dremel work required
Review by Big Kahuna
Took 10 minutes of dremel to fit but once it was fit, it fit flawlessly
Review by Alex
Fit and finish is great. Feeds perfectly. The 5 round mags are a practical size for carrying. Load up on these.
got my mags today
Review by Marcel
great product at a low price. will be buying more
Review by Newman
Bought three they are excellent and a great value. I plan on ordering more
Got More, Still Same Great Item
Review by Richard
I ordered another 5. Figured I would get some while the getting was good. Probably didn't need 5 but they are still as good as ever. Require some fitting, but that's normal with any AK pattern gun. Value just can't be beat. Thanks KS
Review by Mike
These function flawless and the title say's the rest! I wish Keepshooting would make their own SKS magazines, those would be great!
Awesome 5rnd mags
Review by cody
These mags are awesome. The price is great too! They feed fast and font jamb!
Excellent Quality
Review by David
I just received my first 5 today(i plan to order more). I did have to do a little filing but it turned out great. I'd much rather have a tight mag than a loose one. I only had time to try two of them out, they performed flawlessly.
Now if we can talk them into making some like these only a little higher capacity Keep Shooting could give some other companies a run for our money.
But like most things it will take some time to see how they hold up, but I think they'll do very well.
Quality material.
Review by Donald
I ordered 12 of these mags for myself. All of them required fitting and it was very easy to do. I used a razor knife to trim a little at a time and scraped it with the side of the blade until they fit. It really was fast. I also had to fit the MD Arms drums to my shotgun.

These mags have more of a slick /shiny finish than the factory mag but the look awesome. The spring tension seems to be equal to the factory mag.

They quality of these mags had convinced me to try other mags in the future.
Filing required to fit a 2012 Saiga 12
Review by Phil
Mags came with info sheet stating some filing maybe required with link to tutorial. However, a lot more filing was needed than what was suggested on the tutorial.

I ended up pulling out my stock 5 round Saiga 12 mag as a guide to see where to file. Took me 15-20 minutes to get one to fit perfectly. Now that I know how, I can do one in probably 1-2 minutes with a dremel.

Will see how it functions in the next few days. I'll report back only if there are any other issues.
good fit
Review by BOB
I recently bought three of these mags. I only gave it four stars on quality because I haven't shot it but i did a dry cycle test and it worked just fine. I did have to do quite a bit of filing on three different areas on all the mags but the fit is nice and tight for the money. I would definitely recommend getting these. All the mags I've bought for this I had to do the same. Promag brums and surefire mags.
Saiga Five Round Mag
Review by Brian
Hands down the most reliable magazine I've used in my Saiga. Not a lot left to say, these are great and inexpensive.
Great for the money
Review by Richard
Requires a little tab filing, other than that is perfect. For the money you won't beat these. If you do have an issue, they're only $12 so replacement isn't a hassle like the $40 factory Saiga mags.
Does the job
Review by Rich
i got ten of these without any problem all fit in snug very similar to the factory mags without the factory price. best value i have seen so far would highly recommend.
Best and cheapest magazine for the saiga 12
Review by Joel
This is by far the best magazine you can buy for your saiga 12. Once you fit the magazine to your gun it will be tight. I have used AGP and SGM magazines which both have design flaws. Keep shooting magazines are bulletproof in comparison. Now lets see a copy of the 8 rounders! I would buy 8.
Great Low Cap Mags
Review by Ken
I got these to have the capability to choose different rounds on the fly and they work as well as the factory mag that came with my Saiga 12. Great price, they work, what else you need to know?
Review by Matthew
Stock up on these magazines!!!!! ordered a bunch back when they came out, only a couple needed to be fit for my RAA, all function as good as the Izzy's for a fraction of the price! don't think, buy them!!!!
good buy
Review by Frank
Great magazines at a good price. I plan on buying more.
great price on a great product.
Review by Frank
I recently bought 3 of these Saigas 12 magazines. These mags are as good as the original ones at a fraction of the cost. I shot over 100 rounds through these mags this weekend with no issues. I plan on buying more.
Save some money and buy these!
Review by ROBERT
Had to file off a small amount of material off the mag catch as expected, but it took a couple of minutes at most. These mags are as good as the factory mags that sell for over $30 a piece.
good magazines
Review by Man
these magazines are great replica/clones of the original Russian OEM Saiga 12 magazines. they function and work similarly. the only thing i disliked was having to modify to fit the magazines, but i admit that made it SUPER easy to modify. well worth the savings.
Best replacement Mag out there
Review by Thunderbird
Other than the original Russian magazine, you won't find a better replacement at less than 1/2 the price of the original. The only thing you could do to make this better is some texture to the outside like the original which is not quite a slick, but it's nothing a little sandpaper can't take care of.

Excellent magazines at a great price
Review by Desperado
Snagged five of these. GREAT magazines for the price. Sturdy replicas of the factory magazines, and sometimes half the price. Only needed minor fitting with a file to insert. Look forward to getting more!
great mags
Review by troy
pretty good mags
feed great,no malfunctions at all yet
great price too!!
ill be back for more
Buy these magazines and save $ for ammo!
Review by XACEX
I was reluctant to purchase these, but folks on a Saiga forum have had nothing but good to say about them. I purchased these several months ago, and they are as good as factory they just lack the metal insert. I am ordering more as soon as I am done writing this review! Get the 1911 mags too!
Fantastic value and great performance!
Review by Shankspony
I managed to grab four of these on the Black Friday special. I should have grabbed more. :) I own a 24" IZ-107 and had to file a very, very small amount to get the mag to catch, but after the first mag (30 seconds) the others were correctly modified in literally 5 seconds each. The area to be removed for mine was height to bottom of catch rather than catch slant face.

These are a great value for making hunting 2 rounders.
Great Value KeepEm coming so we KeepShooting
Review by Christopher
Great Mags!!
This are terrific the replicate the factory performance. Some minor fitting may be required but less than 10 minutes for 7 mags. Hope you make other capacity ones soon.
very good
Review by huey
a little sanding and they work great
Review by Shawn
I have used these mags for over 6 months and they never gave me any problems. High quality for a great price.
Great Magazines
Review by Dee
I have used these mags with out any problems at all. They are a great price for a well crafted product. I have over 10 and highly recommend them to anyone.
Good Mag
Review by Jacob
These are great mags. Well built and very similar (if not identical) to the factory five-rounder that came with my saiga 12. Recommended, but remember they will not count as US parts in a converted gun.
Good magazines
Review by Jesse
Fitting is easy. Bought two both work great plan to buy more
Review by Brucey
Awesome mags, ordered 5, all snap right in, no fitting! All feed fine.

Please make Factory clone 8 rounders!
A must have for any Saiga-12 owner
Review by dwnthehatch
A little fitting is all that was required for these to seat in my S12. It took less than 10 mins to fit 8 of them. I have fired over 500 trouble-free rounds with these mags.

Please make the 8 rounders. I will supply an original 8 round mag if needed.
Deal of the Century
Review by Sleeper
These clips are the deal of the century. They snap in with no modification in my Tromix conversion. Factory S12 required a bit removal of the mag catch tab, just like my MD-20 drum.
Great product for the price
Review by Dylan
These things work great. They did need some work to fit my gun but it wasn't to hard. For the price of $12 you can't beat it. Thanks Keep Shooting.
Nothing beats it for the price and performance
Review by Jake
I bought two immediately when i saw the price and video. I did have to fit them a little to seat in my saiga 12, but i managed to get them to click in positively and feed ammo quite well. Range time was much more fun now that i have two more magazines!
Excellent value
Review by 20nickels
These magazines are an incredible value. I only wish they would make a higher capacity.
outstanding value
Review by oldocsimms
These mags rock! Everything the OEM mags do at a fraction of the price. We need for you guys to offer an 8 round mag with the quality like these! Minor filing was needed as with most aftermarket mags for the Saiga 12, not a problem. Thanks for great product.
Nice mags
Review by TOADY
All around great mags for the price. Only complaint is the slick finish, but some sandpaper fixed that up. I highly recommend these mags. BTW we need some 8 rounders in this price range, they would sell like hotcakes.
Good quality
Review by Desolo
I just received my order of 2 of these magazines.
I have to say I am impressed, they are well put together, feel pretty solid, and lock in nice and tight after the minor sanding needed on the lock tabs (To be expected as that's just how these guns are to begin with).

My (VERY minor) complaints are that they seem to lack the steel reinforcements present in the factory magazines (To be expected, it cant be a perfect copy or it wouldn't cost $11.95!), and they are kinda shiny compared to the originals.

I HIGHLY recommend these to ANYONE looking for a good quality 5 rd mag for their S-12.

Also, the customer service was excellent, I had an issue with my shipping and it was taken care of in a quick, polite, and friendly manner....I WILL be ordering more!
Highly Recommend
Review by Sam
I bought four of these a year or two ago. Not sure how many rounds went though each, but total over 300 rounds fired. After the initial fitting I have not had a single problem with fit or reliability. You can get three or four of these for the price of one factory mag - can't go wrong.
Good bang for your buck
Review by fanaticalbucsfan
Besides the lack of steel reinforcement like the factory 5 rounders, to me these magazines are much better than I would expect for less than 15 bucks. I have purchased 2 and both needed to be filed to fit my Saiga 12 but now they lock in tight with no wiggle. So far I have had zero magazine related failures and do not expect to have any. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is interested and will say you wont be disappointed. I hope in the near future has plans to produce an 8 round magazine which is on par with this one. This is a quality product and I look forward to shooting with them for a long time.

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