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Self Defense and Security

Self Defense and Security - Less Lethal Options for a Dangerous World

No matter who you are or where you live, you are not immune to threats from criminals on and off the streets. There are times where a less-lethal defense is desired and we have hand selected all of the equipment to help you defend and protect your life and those you care about. From ceramic body armor to TASER stun guns we have an option for every budget and level of comfort.

Pepper Spray and Tear Gas

Proven Non-Lethal Self Defense for Decades

Pepper Spray
Body Armor

Soft Body Armor from Kevlar and Hard Ceramic Plates

Body Armor
TASER Stun Devices

Instant Less Lethal Stopping Power - Globally Proven

TASER Equipment
Telescoping Police Batons

Powerful Hand-to-Hand Self Defense Batons

Telescoping Police Batons