Grey Shemagh Desert Scarf

The Grey Shemagh Desert Scarf is a modern take on the classic desert scarf that has been worn for centuries in the Middle East. When transiting the desert areas of the Middle East, the Shemagh is worn to protect your face from the wind, sand, and sun. After the start of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, special forces teams recognized the value that the Shemagh brought and it has become a standard issue item.

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  • Grey Shemagh Desert Scarf
  • Grey Color
  • Brand New
  • Made from 100% Cotton
  • UPC: 613902185371

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Customer Reviews

Really nice scarf/head cover

Review by Dewey H.
Verified Buyer

Scarf was richer in color than pictured, which was great. No color rub-off or bleed.

Love it

Review by Mendel R.
Verified Buyer

This is my 3rd one and only because I wanted a variety of colors

The one thing you never knew you needed but desperately need.

Review by Averil L.
Verified Buyer

I’ve had several of these through the years and this is the nicest one I’ve bought. It’s a little heavier than most and the size is maybe just a tad larger. If you haven’t ever used one of these, you need to. I consider it one of my essential travel, camping, and hiking accessories.
Hot and need to cool off? Get it wet and drape it over your head.
Need shade? Wear it as a head covering.
Chilly? Wear it as a scarf are drape it over you like a shawl.
Wet? Dry yourself off with it.
Dusty conditions? Cover your mouth and nose with it.
Tired and need a nap? Wad it up and use it as a pillow.

Simply the most versatile thing you can carry on a trip or hike or doing about anything outdoors.

Your going to love it

Review by Nick S.
Verified Buyer

Perfect in every way possible. This is a great buy I love it and it goes well with any of my clothes. Your going to love it .

Works wonders

Review by Sharel Y.
Verified Buyer

I have carried these since 2003. There are a lot of fakes out there, that are nothing more that cheese cloth. NOT this one!!

Quality for the price

Review by Rabecca E.
Verified Buyer

This is a great shemahg. I was extremely rough on it and it's still going strong. Ive used it as a sun protector, cooling rag, splint, holding ice bags on my knees, and carrying handle. It's legit and I would but again if I needed to. But at this moment it's still holding up

Great product

Review by Amirah A.
Verified Buyer

Great product, made of quality materials and has helped drastically out in the field.

Good pick

Review by Cindel M.
Verified Buyer

I use it in the winter and it keeps by face/neck. Very rarely get sick either, as far as colds go.

You want this for every occasion

Review by Reatha Y.
Verified Buyer

I LOVE this thing. It was supposed to be for my edc but, I have it on my person all the time! Perfect for hot and cold weather.

Great purchase

Review by Schuyler Y.
Verified Buyer

Great purchase

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