Grey Shemagh Desert Scarf

The Grey Shemagh Desert Scarf is a modern take on the classic desert scarf that has been worn for centuries in the Middle East. When transiting the desert areas of the Middle East, the Shemagh is worn to protect your face from the wind, sand, and sun. After the start of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, special forces teams recognized the value that the Shemagh brought and it has become a standard issue item.

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  • Grey Shemagh Desert Scarf
  • Grey Color
  • Brand New
  • Made from 100% Cotton
  • UPC: 613902185371

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Customer Reviews

Versatile and good looking

Review by Kayvan Y.
Verified Buyer

Just what I was looking for. Protection from wind and sun and will use when I forget my 2020 face mask.

everything you want

Review by Keinan J.
Verified Buyer

very good quality i love it if your hesitant just buy it its great


Review by Keli B.
Verified Buyer

Exactly what I needed. Read review about terrible odor which made me nervous. Happy to say, no scent on mine at least.

Good Quality Shemagh

Review by Chenice T.
Verified Buyer

Good quality shemagh, like the ones you find overseas. Mine was made in India, and was woven material, not a dyed pattern. I think people who never had a “shmog” think that they are thick woolen scarves and comment that they are “poor quality and thin”. They are realatively thin linen material with a lumpy weave that will keep your neck and head surprisingly warm or cool depending on how you wrap it. It stunk a little when I got it, but they all do until you wash them with cold water and hang them out. Wear them a week in a hot climate and they’ll really stink! Mine appears to be a genuine Rothco, which I would say is very good quality. These have a zillion uses other than a headwrap. One suggestion if you are going to wear it “bandit” or “commando” style, don’t listen to the airsoft warriors who tell you to double-knot it; just single-knot it or just leave it unknotted and tucked in front to avoid getting easily choked. Good item overall!

Update on the Coyote color that I also ordered : Same good quality as the grey one. Keep in mind these are made in India, probably on 150 year old looms that Britain left behind, and won’t compare to the exacting tight weave of your Burberry scarf and may have a few pulls or loose threads. Its a schemagh, not a fashion accessory. There’s also a lot of chatter in the comments about the actual shade of Coyote - yes, its not an exact match to the surplus USMC deuce gear that you just bought for your airsoft adventures, but it is an acceptable Coyote brown. Very good product overall.

It’s a good scarf overall

Review by Palmira X.
Verified Buyer

I like the versatility of it. But after washing it a few times. Some tiny fur falls.
Due to the dark color, it doesn’t have the best sun protection. Which also means it keeps you warm.


Review by Chealsey A.
Verified Buyer

Versatile wear and comfort

Quality product, and will order more.

Review by Clea V.
Verified Buyer

It is perfect for me. I’m a survivalist and do a lot of bushcraft in various conditions. Now that I know it’s quality, I’ll probably order 5 more.

Great product from seller. Shemagh did not bleed dye nor smell like chemicals.

Review by Teretha G.
Verified Buyer

Great product from seller. Shemagh did not bleed dye nor smell like chemicals.
I let the shemagh sit for an hour or so in a sink of cold water with a little mild soap in it. Very little dye leached out of the fabric. Nice quality material!

Nice material

Review by Jeanpaul D.
Verified Buyer

Good product. Nice material.

A really great buy...

Review by Zora M.
Verified Buyer

It is larger than other schamag that I've bought and much softer.

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