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Shipping Options

Shipping Philosophy:

Our shipping philosophy is to make shipping as affordable and easy as possible for both our employees and our customers.  We achieve results by offering choice, value, and flexible shipping options.  We feel our shipping makes purchasing items from our website both cost effective and stress-free.


Shipping Methods:

We ship orders daily through three major carriers who offer every level of service.   The three carriers we utilize are UPS, Federal Express, and the United States Postal Service.  Through these three carriers we are able to offer overnight delivery services for time critical deliveries to standard ground service where cost is more important than delivery times.   Each carrier offers either real-time tracking or delivery confirmation that is verifiable on the Internet 24/7.

Shipping Costs:

Our shipping costs are among the lowest in our industry and we urge you to check out our competition to see how much cheaper our shipping is than theirs.  We achieve this low cost shipping by utilizing several methods:

  1. We ship such large volumes with our carriers that we receive steep discounts from what list rates are for shipping.  We pass along these discounts to our customers rather than using them to enhance our profit margins.   We earned these discount levels from our customers business, so we believe our customers deserve the discount rather than our company.
  2. We add no handling fees to any order that you purchase from us.  Our competitors brag about charging you list rates plus a $2.99 handling fee which they claim is a great deal.  We disagree!
  3. Our company philosophy is that we are in business to make money from selling products, not from shipping them.


Signatures: When and Why?

Certain items that we ship require either a physical signature or in some cases a signature from an adult over the age of 21.   These requirements are forced upon us by either Federal laws or internal shipping carrier regulations. 

Some examples of items requiring a signature are:

  • Ammunition, including Flares
  • Handguns, including C&R
  • Body Armor
  • Knives
  • Brass Knuckles
  • Locksmithing Tools

In certain circumstances we can work around signature requirements, but these must be handled on a case-by-case basis.