AR15 Triggers

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FosTech Echo AR-II Drop In Trigger
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Enhanced Duty Trigger - Designated Marksman
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Enhanced Duty Trigger - Sharp Shooter
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AR15 Triggers

Are you looking for high-quality, reliable drop in AR15 triggers? Look no further than KeepShooting! We offer an extensive selection of drop in AR15 triggers from top brands such as Geissele, Timney, and more. Our prices are unbeatable and we have options to fit any budget. Don't wait - get your drop in AR15 trigger today before it's too late!

Frequently Asked Questions
How do drop in triggers improve the accuracy of AR15 rifles?

Drop-in triggers are preassembled trigger units that can replace the existing trigger mechanism in an AR-15 rifle.  They typically offer improved accuracy due to several factors:

  2. 1) Consistency: Drop-in triggers often come preset from the factory, ensuring a crisp and consistent pull weight. This can lead to greater shot-to-shot consistency and ultimately, increased accuracy.

  4. 2) Longevity: High-quality drop-in triggers are made with durable materials and precise machining techniques, increasing their lifespan compared to standard military-spec triggers. This reduces the need for frequent maintenance and allows for more time spent shooting.

  6. 3) Customization: Many aftermarket drop-in triggers offer user-adjustable settings, such as overtravel and creep, allowing the shooter to fine-tune the trigger to their preferences. This customizability can greatly influence accuracy by helping the shooter