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Sig Mosquito Magazine

If you own a Sig Mosquito you know that finding affordable magazines is impossible.  Now we've managed to make the impossible possible by releasing our own Keepshooting brand Sig Mosquito Magazine. Designed to fit and feed in your Sig Mosquito, our magazine is an excellent choice for anyone that owns a Sig Mosquito. At less than half the cost of a factory magazine, you can afford to stock up on quality magazines with the savings supporting your ammo purchases. Superior performance at a bargain price is what you get when your purchase our Sig Mosquito magazine.
Color Black

Description / Sig Mosquito Magazine

Features of the Sig Mosquito Magazine:

  • KeepShooting Brand Product
  • Metal Heat Treated Body
  • Polymer Floor Plate
  • Polymer Follower
  • Heat treated blued spring
  • 10 Round Capacity
  • Factory New Magazine

Note: Sig Sauer and Sig Mosquito are registered trademarks of Sig Sauer Inc. The use of the Sig Sauer and Mosquito name in our description is not intended to represent any affiliation with Sig Sauer, and is used only to identify the product with which our magazine is compatible.  Our magazine does not say "SIG" "Sig Sauer" or "Mosquito" on it and is marked with our name to clearly show it is not a product of Sig Sauer Inc.

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Manufacturer United Defense LLC

Customer Reviews

Great Product
Review by Glenda
I bought 4 of these for steel challenge and they are 100% perfect. In fact I think they are better than original mag. I practice 2 or 3 times a week and have never had any problem. HIGHLY recommend these mags.
as good as the original
Review by Edward
I could hardly tell the mags apart. Looks and works like it should. Very good product and good price. Shipping was right on time. Keep up the good work.
High quality and a great value.
Review by Bill
Half the cost of the Sig magazines magazines at Cabela's. They have been as reliable as the factory mags while shooting Steel Challenge. I will purchase a couple more in the future.
work just as well as the original
Review by Lorin
The Sig Mosquito mags work well with the gun. I only received 1mag with the gun and I bought 6 Keep mags which work just as well as the original that came with the gun.
Mosquito mags
Review by Kirk
Got a mosquito 3 years ago, bought 3 additional sig branded mags at 3/$99, I now have 4. Total. Started shooting steel challenge and needed more mags. Found these and bought 3. Was thrilled at how well they worked, I bought 3 more for a total of 10. I have yet to have a mag related fail from any. $40 reg price for a Sig branded or 2 for $40 of these, I'm buying mine here! Looking at 5 more for this year as I regularly shoot around 150 rounds an outing and that way I don't have to reload.
Hard to go wrong
Review by Kenneth S
I got this magazine almost a year ago. I've ran through it a few times and use it as a backup to my stock mag in my Sig holster. It was only today that the bottom of the magazine was dislocated and the spring flew out. Also, the side of the magazine had an unnoticeable bulge so that it wouldn't drop out without a pull. This became noticeable after multiple removals from the grip and the spot it would contact the gun began to wear the paint off. It has served me well when I used it, and I plan on getting another. The quality is worth the money you pay for and I'm willing to get some more. As per the other reviews, I feel I just got a fluke. Time for another one!
Review by Brian
Son's getting The Sig Insect for Christmas. Since they're only coming with *1* mag now (maybe a good thing!), I had to grab some for the stocking! As others have already posted: better than Factory...flawless...grab a handful...wallow in the savings!!
Excellent value.
Review by Adam
I received these this morning, after only a three day wait. Kudos on shipping speed.

I was able to take these magazines to the range today and ran 150 rounds through five magazines, they all functioned just as well as my ONE factory original Sig magazine. I'm glad I waited a few years to bite the bullet on additional magazines. As soon as I saw the positive reviews of these I jumped all over it. I received five high quality magazines for what 2-3 factory replacements cost.
Review by Joel
Fits like factory SIG mags, Has a stronger spring to feed and locks the slide open when your empty!
Better than Sig
Review by Jason
In my experience these magazines worked better and are higher quality than the Sig originals. Can't beat the price either.
Good as OEM
Review by David
The magazines are great and work fine, half the price of original Sig magazines. Wish the darn gun worked as well as the magazines. Now i am confident to buy other mags here.
the best deal i've gotten
Review by tom
These mags truly work as good as the factory one. I bought 2 and will buy more. thanks for the deal Keep
Review by mjlav
Bought 2. Flawless out of the box. No hassle no fuss. Just work.
Perfect fit & finish & using for competition
Review by Lawson11b
I got to use the 3 magazines I purchased last week for the Sig Sauer Mosquito .22LR Pistol for a Speed Steel Fun Match at my local Rod & Gun club. They functioned flawlessly... I shot a video review a few days later -
Great little mag at a great price
Review by kenneth
Wow great mag fits gun great and functions sweet no problems at all, fast delivery thank for a great product.
Awesome mag at an awesome price.
Review by Kevin
I was weary of ordering an "aftermarket" mag, but the quality is so much better than the factory mags, they don't rattle as much, are a little heavier, and just seem to be made at a higher quality. I bought two to test them out and will be ordering more. Anyone want to buy some Sig Mosquito factory mags?lol...
Review by JACK
Great Value
Review by Les
Best deal for a Sig Mosquito magazine anywhere. I've gone through at least 2500 rounds in the past couple months with NO FTFs. These mags are as good if not better then the factory Sig branded mags at half the price.
Exceptional Value!
Review by Danllee1
These magazines work flawlessly and the price makes them an exceptional value! I highly recommend this product!
Review by Mark
Work flawlessly when I went to range, Better than original. No Issues with Feed and Fire. What a deal. I noticed that we all have the same REMARKS, WHAT A GREAT PRODUCT. i AM GOING TO ORDER 5 MORE MAYBE EVEN 10.
Excellent Mags for Mosquito - Delivered in about a week
Review by Ron
I received the mags within a week from keep shooting and am very pleased with the quality. The mags fit the sig just like the one that came from the factory. I am very pleased.
Couldn't be more pleased
Review by Tim
The quality of the magazine for my Sig Mosquito is superb! I couldn't be more pleased. It fits like a glove and without looking would not know the difference between the Sig mag and the Keepshooting mag. I will definitely continue to shop with you guys and recommend you to my friends!
Great product, even better service
Review by keri
I ordered a mag and after waiting a week I called to cancel the order. I spoke with Doris and found the order was lost by USPS. She sent out another order that day and I received it in two days. Even though it turned out it was not a problem caused by them they still went above and beyond what was expected to ensure great service. I found the product to be better made than I expected . I plan on buying more mags and other products from them in the near future. THANKS DORIS FOR ALL YOUR HELP.
Extreme value!
Review by Joe L.
After buying these magazines here rather than the factory, I can only think that buying OEM is silly. These have the same quality at a much better price point. I almost got rid of my Mosquito in disgust after finding out how expensive the extra magazines were.
Now I'm looking forward to using it again! :)
Review by Brian
I wish I found your product before I dropped over $150 on three factory mags. I love the spring. Seems more solid and put together than the factory mag. Now I just need you to make extended mags for my new P227!! :)
The Sig Mosquito Mag Worked Great
Review by Rusty
The Sig Mosquito Mag Worked Great, In some ways it is better than the Sig Mag. Plus it cost half as much. No Issues with Feed and Fire. What a deal.
great buy
Review by will
If SIG made their mosquito as good as this magazine it then they wouldn't have any negative reviews.
KeepShooting Mosquito Magazine
Review by Danny F.
Bought two and they performed as good if not better than original. Forget about $50 plus shipping on Ebay for Sig.
Great mags.
Review by David
Work flawlessly when I went to range. Shot over a hundred rounds without a single problem. No failure to fed at all. Used a mix of ammo's. Well worth the price.
Review by Andrew
I Might not buy a mag from anybody else... if all your' products have this type of workmanship. I am willing to bet money that this mag will feed better and longer than a Sig mag... the Follower is much more stable, the spring is fantastic, I don't have Failure to feeds due to a live stove pipe... Very happy Customer here.
Just as good as oem!
Review by David
Ordered six. Received on 7/23/13. About 7 days after ordering. Fit and finish is equal or better than OEM. Less casting flash and nicer looking finish. Feeds and cycles as good as oe. Thrilled to have found these. I don't think you could go wrong ordering them.
As good as the factory original at 1/3 the price
Review by Tom K.
If you are debating this one, stop. These are as good as the factory mags at 1/3 the price.

Performed 100% in my SIG. Would buy again.
I can't tell it from the factory original
Review by Jim
I was hoping keepshooting would come out with a Mosquito magazine. When I saw it listed for only 2/5ths the price of a factory magazine, I ordered half a dozen. So far absolutely no problems. The only way to tell the difference is that the factory mags say "Sig Sauer" on the floor plate and the keepshooting mags say nothing. I Plan to order more. These are just as high quality as the keepshooting Walther P22 mags.

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