Slovakian Army Assault Vest

The Slovakian Army Assault Vest is an authentic army combat vest that is used in Slovakia. Soldiers would be issued this vest to carry their combat load out, with the vest having pockets for 30-round magazines, hand grenades, and other essential combat gear. With plenty of pockets, large sizes, and a camouflage pattern that is perfect for North American woods this vest would be great for hunting, backpacking, hiking, and more.

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The Slovakian Army Assault Vest is a multi-purpose combat vest that has history of use in the Slovakian Army. These vests were designed to be an all around combat vest with plenty of pockets, large overall size, and a proven camouflage pattern. What was achieved was rare in the world of military combat vests, a vest that is truly functional in both the civilian and military world.

With the camouflage pattern of these assault vests being traditional woodland camouflage, they will blend in and look correct in any part of North America. The US Army used woodland camouflage for decades so these vests will not look foreign. The distinctive lack of Molle type webbing on these vests will also make them blend in better in a civilian context as they do not look overly military. Pockets are found on the front, back, and sides of the assault vest and they are of varying shapes and sizes, allowing you to store your essential gear. Just because a pocket was designed for a 30-round magazine doesn't mean you can't put your favorite electronic device inside and go on a hike.

  • Authentic Slovakian Army Assault Vest
  • Two Large Rear Velcro Closed Pockets (10" x 2" x 7")
  • Three Medium Sized Rear Tool Pockets
  • Four Front Double 30-Round Magazine Pockets
  • Left Front Zippered Holster Pocket with Pistol Lanyard
  • Right Front Zippered Deep Storage Pocket
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Overall Rating
Big vest
Review by matthew
The vest I got is huge in size, which is rare for alot of military vest. It has plenty of pocket in front and some nice pockets in back. Can carry a decent amount of gear by itself. Very good for a light patrol or anywhere, where you are leaving main gear behind and just need the basics. Can fit all types of mags ranging from ak74, ar15, ak47, hk91, etc.
Overall Rating
Solid, quality vest
Review by Paul
I bought this vest to because I own a VZ58 and wanted the "correct" gear to accompany it (the leather 4-cell old-school Eastern Bloc mag pouch that came with the rifle is neither comfortable nor practical). I'm also 6'5" so the XL size was appealing. The vest was very obviously issued, but either well-cared for or used little. No tears or worn spots in the fabric, and no fading. As another reviewer said, there was even a mini-repair kit in one of the pouches. It fits me very well--better than expected and conforms to my torso with the use of the (slightly complicated) side straps. It seems to have a type of shoulder recoil pad also. My only two complaints are a bit of obvious mold/mildew spotting (from long-term storage, I guess) and the disappointment that the mag pouches will hold ONLY a total of 4 VZ58 mags (1 in each). These mag pouches may well be able to accommodate 8 AK or AR mags (2 in each pouch), I don't know. Hopefully after a good long warm wash and a day's sun drying and airing on the deck it will be good as new.
Overall Rating
A vest for the larger ones out there
Review by Sam
First things first, this thing is HUGE!!! I am 6'3 roughly 300 lbs and i have plenty of room in this vest! I will probably wind up using this as a hiking/hunting vest as there as so many pockets on this thing! Can hold up to 8 AK type mags, nice universal holster pocket that is padded, and there are slide adjustments on the sides to help contour this vest to your body as well as a belt running around the bottom of the vest.Came to me looking new/unissued and is well worth the money in my opinion
Overall Rating
Very nice vest for the price... Great price too!
Review by Taylor
First off I'd like to say it's not often you find to many surplus items that are 2xl or 3xl. I am 6'1 250lbs and this vest fits me loosely and not tight like some others I've had. The vest I received is brand new and excellent. Even checked the pockets and found a plastic bag with a sewing kits and replacement fabric inside. The amount of pockets on this vest is unreal and you could basically pack all of your essentials into this thing and not get uncomfortable. The four magazine pouches can easily hold 2 AK mags, they also have Velcro and snap button closures to ensure it won't come undone. The holster is very nice and is padded for a pistol. I tired several different pistols and they all fit great. This is a great deal and I promise you that you will never run out of storage room on this thing.

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