Slovakian Army Assault Vest

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The Slovakian Army Assault Vest is an authentic army combat vest that is used in Slovakia. Soldiers would be issued this vest to carry their combat load out, with the vest having pockets for 30-round magazines, hand grenades, and other essential combat gear. With plenty of pockets, large sizes, and a camouflage pattern that is perfect for North American woods this vest would be great for hunting, backpacking, hiking, and more.

The Slovakian Army Assault Vest is a multi-purpose combat vest that has history of use in the Slovakian Army. These vests were designed to be an all around combat vest with plenty of pockets, large overall size, and a proven camouflage pattern. What was achieved was rare in the world of military combat vests, a vest that is truly functional in both the civilian and military world.

With the camouflage pattern of these assault vests being traditional woodland camouflage, they will blend in and look correct in any part of North America. The US Army used woodland camouflage for decades so these vests will not look foreign. The distinctive lack of Molle type webbing on these vests will also make them blend in better in a civilian context as they do not look overly military. Pockets are found on the front, back, and sides of the assault vest and they are of varying shapes and sizes, allowing you to store your essential gear. Just because a pocket was designed for a 30-round magazine doesn't mean you can't put your favorite electronic device inside and go on a hike.

  • Authentic Slovakian Army Assault Vest
  • Two Large Rear Velcro Closed Pockets (10" x 2" x 7")
  • Three Medium Sized Rear Tool Pockets
  • Four Front Double 30-Round Magazine Pockets
  • Left Front Zippered Holster Pocket with Pistol Lanyard
  • Right Front Zippered Deep Storage Pocket
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