SOG Voodoo Hawk Tomahawk

SOG Voodoo Hawk Tomahawk

The SOG Voodoo Hawk Tomahawk was designed to be a combination of tomahawk and axe. Specifically SOG looked at their Tactical Tomahawk and FastHawk and decided on this design as a way to combine the best of both. With an extended cutting head, compact handle, and metal butt cap the Voodooo Hawk is the perfect tomahawk to add to your gear bag.


Description / SOG Voodoo Hawk Tomahawk

The SOG Voodoo Hawk is a cutting edge tactical tomahawk that combines the best of a tomahawk and an axe. Recognizing the need for features found on each type of tool, SOG has produced the Voodoo Hawk to give you the tool you need. No longer will you need to take both your tomahawk and your axe when you hit the trail, the Voodoo Hawk will allow you to travel lighter without compromise.

  • Designed in Seattle Washington by SOG
  • Includes Black Sheath
  • Overall Length: 12.56"
  • Blade Length: 3.5"
  • Blade Steel: 3CR13
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