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Hate is such a strong word. And yet, people use it every day. I know I do. I could not even begin to calculate the frequency with which I use the word. Often times, people do not mean it when they say it, but often times they do. Why bring up such a vicious word? Well, because the topic for today is Anti-Americanism. Hold on to your hats, it is going to be a very bumpy, controversial ride.

The fact of the matter is that a lot of people hate America. Whether it is due to our people, our culture, our government, our ideologies or any number of other things, our country just rubs some the wrong way. It is a far-reaching topic that I have neither the time nor desire to tackle, but it is also a topic that is worthy of discussion.

You remember the Cold War, right? Sure you do. It was the war that was not really a war but more a period of intense political and military tension between the United States and the Soviet Union. It only lasted about 40 years, so I completely understand if you do not remember it. Anyway, a by-product of the Cold War was some serious Anti-Americanism. Now, that Anti-Americanism is completely documented in the Soviet Anti-American poster set.

This set of 24 prints from the Sergo Grigorian collection is an eye-opening look at the Anti-American sentiment that existed within the Soviet Union during the Cold War. Designed to raise awareness, rally the troops and garner support for communism, the prints found within the Soviet Anti-American poster set are sure to find a home with anyone that holds an interest in the Cold War.

Whether it is our culture, government or ideology, there is always something to hate about America – the Soviet Anti-American poster set makes that very clear. It is now available for $49.95.

It only makes sense that two nations with economic and political differences that stand in such stark contrast would not like each other. It also explains the origins of the underlying sentiment that exists in a great many of the prints in the Soviet Anti-American poster set. It does not come as a shock that a communist nation is not very impressed with the people, culture, government and ideologies of a country that they see as imperialistic.

With the Soviet Anti-American poster set, you will receive 24 different prints from the Sergo Grigorian collection that were created and distributed during the Cold War, each of which expresses a unique aspect of the Anti-Americanism that existed at the time. Each print measures 13 inches by 9.5 inches and is presented in full color.

Though the posters are printed in Cyrillic, the folder that houses each includes translations. The posters features select phrases such as, "Imperialism is the public enemy. We must fight against imperialism."

If nothing else, the posters look cool and feature artwork that is both unique and interesting. The Soviet Anti-American poster set is available for $49.95. It makes a great gift for:

- Artists

- Cold War enthusiasts

- Teachers

- Communists

- Much more…

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