SP8 Survival Machete

The SP8 Survival Machete by Ontario Knife Company is a compact survival tool used by the US Army. This compact, lightweight, and powerful tool is an essential for your hikes and camping gear. The tip of the SP8 can be used to pry open doors, rocks, or any other solid material. The serrated edge on the back of the blade makes the SP8 an effective and efficient camp saw. The sharpened blade can easily cut through brush, limbs, and small trees.

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  1. SP8 Survival Machete
  2. Hardness: 53-58 HRC
  3. Blade Edge Type: Plain
  4. Sheath Material: Leather Cordura
  5. Sheath Color: Black
  6. Handle Material: Kraton Polymer
  7. Handle Color: Black
  8. Blade Grind: Flat
  9. Blade Finish: Black Powder Coat
  10. Blade Thickness: 0.26 Inches
  11. Blade Material: 1095 Carbon Steel
  12. Blade Length: 10 Inches
  13. Overall Length: 15 Inches
  14. NSN#: 5110-01-570-3196
  15. UPC: 071721086833

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Customer Reviews

Review by Keepshooting Customer
Verified Buyer
Great Product, just what i was looking for
Durable product.
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Verified Buyer
Durable. Great edge retention. Only thing I don't like is how dull it came out of the box. The serrated edge could be sharper.
Cut's Well! And Stays Razor Sharp
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Verified Buyer
So i had my eyes on this thing for awhile. A little nervous ordering a $50 blade i've never held in my hands. I'm pleased! This blade is a BEAST. As the first 2 reviewers said this was "somewhat dull" which i was okay with because of the edge quality i saw in their pics. I put a nice shaving sharp edge on it. Now, the sharpness is the best part. This blade stays sharp for some time. In a few quick test cuts, i hacked down several twigs, a bit of tree branch, trimmed branches off of a nearby blackberry cane. 8 or 9 decent chops with an actual pull in the saw back and it was as razor sharp as when i sharpened it. And that's the quality of the edge i was looking for in a hatchet/machete style knife. So im very pleased. Will definitely buy again from the company, and would buy another SP8! Just for my bag i have the CRKT Kbar(small version) and an ESEE-4 as my "backups" for any real, major cutting tasks. This SP8 has earned it's place in my bag. A couple very useful tools on it. The knife sharpener was very helpful. The grommet at the base to insert it into the pack. That saw, well the idea of that alone i was drawn to in my purchase. When chopping small branches off a blackberry cane, a couple good tugs and this saw did a decent job, especially for what it is. Cut my right index finger a couple times because i wasn't being smart.
Super nice survival/defense oriented long knife.
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Verified Buyer
Great price. Seems very durable for hard use in the field and looks very tactical with good balance in both hands for self defense.
2-Feb-2019 Updated. Im very please to write this review! A BUDGET 10-431
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Verified Buyer
The one im not using for outdoors has 5-957-11 blade, with it looks sharp at the start when first put blade down, then just within minutes the blade had a real beaten look. Just looked like used item to me. If i were paying good money for it I might have been disappointed but not for budget price item so it still gets 5 star. But Im 3rd one from bottom in pics to post that one has number on bottom. That number tells us Ontario number from whats stamped on top, and number next to picture with blurry dark area in center. This one i'm using has blade number with picture but 5 stars for just to show what number i bought. If you do see in pics with my small cheap blade(bottom) Im about ready to buy another. Like one to use for clearing brush and smaller items(5-957-11) while i got blade to use for the larger things. So thats whats im thinking. My only real complaint about blade i got from ontario on top is you have to use some muscle when you put it back in the sheath. Theres no locking mechanism in place for it, just 5 rows of rivets along backside that its fit through in backside of blade. You could possibly slip the blade out while using. That can happen on my cheap one too but it dosent matter since im only paying 10 bucks for that one.
machete love
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Verified Buyer
I like this SP 8 very much, not as sharp as some of my other knives but i know i can put an edge on it, good sturdy knife and holds an edge well, it feels great in my hand, great tool for many chores around the yard
Great product
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Verified Buyer
This thing is great! I have had it since April and used it quite often to clear brush from my property. The only downside is that the handle is not covered in rubber or anything else so you get some splinters but they are easy enough to fix yourself or take it back if needed.
Great tool
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Verified Buyer
I love this thing! It's very sturdy and well made. The only downside is it comes dull but that can be fixed quickly enough.
The SP-8 is one of my favorite knives
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Verified Buyer
I've owned several of these over the years and have never been disappointed. It's heavy enough to do some serious work but not so heavy as to be uncomfortable when hiking or camping. I keep one in each vehicle and one in my pack.
Great product
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Verified Buyer
I bought this as a replacement for my Gerber. It's heavier than the Gerber but it feels more solid and has a better edge.
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