SP8 Survival Machete

The SP8 Survival Machete by Ontario Knife Company is a compact survival tool used by the US Army. This compact, lightweight, and powerful tool is an essential for your hikes and camping gear. The tip of the SP8 can be used to pry open doors, rocks, or any other solid material. The serrated edge on the back of the blade makes the SP8 an effective and efficient camp saw. The sharpened blade can easily cut through brush, limbs, and small trees.

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  1. SP8 Survival Machete
  2. Hardness: 53-58 HRC
  3. Blade Edge Type: Plain
  4. Sheath Material: Leather Cordura
  5. Sheath Color: Black
  6. Handle Material: Kraton Polymer
  7. Handle Color: Black
  8. Blade Grind: Flat
  9. Blade Finish: Black Powder Coat
  10. Blade Thickness: 0.26 Inches
  11. Blade Material: 1095 Carbon Steel
  12. Blade Length: 10 Inches
  13. Overall Length: 15 Inches
  14. NSN#: 5110-01-570-3196
  15. UPC: 071721086833

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Customer Reviews

Blade was clearly used, still a great product just disappointed on the seller.
Review by Kathie W.
Verified Buyer
I like the product but the the condition i paid for new!
Sheath is Sh^t, Blade is PERFECTION
Review by Alysandra V.
Verified Buyer
I have abused this machete for two years. I mean I tried to break it and cannot. I have done so much bush-craft I cannot even guess at how much. Okay, I sharpen it every once in a while and keep some oil on it . . . beyond that, IT IS A BEAST!!! The sheath is terrible but surprisingly it has lasted. I meant to replace it, but just never got around to it. I still will, when I think about it and have some extra time to research it. I really like this machete. It truly is a tool I would not go into the woods without, may not use it every time, but very few times does it come home clean : )
Quality great prices
Review by Kristan M.
Verified Buyer
We got it for camping & our knife collection
good product for the price.
Review by pat122
Verified Buyer
This is an excellent tool for hacking. I have used it to cut small trees, fat lighter wood, and have even split green oak tree logs that (did not exceed the length of the blade). Of course, I had to use a stout, heavy green oak limb to pound the tool through the log. How awesome is that? It is an outstanding tool for both military and civilian use. There are no drawbacks that I can find. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a nearly indestructible hatchet knife. The saw blade on the back does cut but don't expect a miracle. This tool was never meant to be "razor-sharp," and it is not necessary to try and make it that way. I use a whetstone when necessary (not often at all). The SP8 is an essential item to have in your arsenal of camping gear. +++
Very useful tool
Review by Jamica C.
Verified Buyer
A well made, heavy tool for chopping. A great survival tool, made in the USA.
Good knife but...
Review by Swati N.
Verified Buyer
I recieved the knife quickly. I finally had a chance to take it for walk in the woods. It worked great for quickly knocking down the branches and made walking through the thick brush easy. The edge on the knife was not perfect and after the first use mainly on cedar boughs did develop a small chip... there should be enough meat to fix it but I was surprised to see it chipped so easy. Over all a nice knife to get you through the thick stuff.
Newly designed sheath is garbage...
Review by Calle G.
Verified Buyer
This is my second OKC fighting machete. 1st one awesome, durable and quality I used for 15 yrs. before giving to my son. Purchased replacement 2nd one, seemingly good EXCEPT they changed the leather/ nylon sheath w strong belt loop, quality positive snaps to nylon and plastic sheath w cheap lightweight snaps and belt loop guaranteed to disappoint and fail if actually used. Why go cheap to increase your profit margin? I returned immediately...
Hard Pass. Buy something else.
Review by Lionel W.
Verified Buyer
Sheath is mediocre. But for the price it is okay.

The apex on the grind was of center. The grind was higher on one side. The blade was actually thicker on one side. The quality control on this SP8 was terrible. Had to redo and reprofile the edge.

The saw back isn't that great. I have seen better. Its difficult to use and I would only use it to make a basic notch.

Use your money and buy other products that do the same job but have better quality control. Or save up and buy a higher quality brand.

Heck, even save money and buy a good hatchet/axe.

Overall I would not buy this again. I wouldn't even give it away, its that bad.
Chopping beast
Review by Joyanna F.
Verified Buyer
I have been wanting this machete for about a year. I finally was able to get my hands on it.
Far as the blade finish and function it is outstanding. It’s a heavy chopping beast. I started out with about a 1” diameter limb an it cut like butter. Did a little shaving bark, an tried my hand at making curls. This thing works. I grabbed a couple rounds off the wood pile probably 2”-3” in diameter. I think they was either walnut or locust. Put the blade in the middle, grabbed another log to baton with. Might as well been using my axe. This cut right through.
The only thing I am disappointed in is the sheath. While the new version does have the mole on the back. I would much rather have the original version with the extra pocket on the front. Going to try an contact Ontario an see if the sell it as a option.
Over all this is going to be a great tool for around the house and while out trying to do some camping.
What a Beast
Review by Maleka G.
Verified Buyer
Right out the box sharp, not a jungle tool but a woods or heavy brush Beast, got some weight to it so not what you will be swinging for hours but to limb up a tree or remove branches no prob.
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