SP8 Survival Machete

The SP8 Survival Machete by Ontario Knife Company is a compact survival tool used by the US Army. This compact, lightweight, and powerful tool is an essential for your hikes and camping gear. The tip of the SP8 can be used to pry open doors, rocks, or any other solid material. The serrated edge on the back of the blade makes the SP8 an effective and efficient camp saw. The sharpened blade can easily cut through brush, limbs, and small trees.

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  1. SP8 Survival Machete
  2. Hardness: 53-58 HRC
  3. Blade Edge Type: Plain
  4. Sheath Material: Leather Cordura
  5. Sheath Color: Black
  6. Handle Material: Kraton Polymer
  7. Handle Color: Black
  8. Blade Grind: Flat
  9. Blade Finish: Black Powder Coat
  10. Blade Thickness: 0.26 Inches
  11. Blade Material: 1095 Carbon Steel
  12. Blade Length: 10 Inches
  13. Overall Length: 15 Inches
  14. NSN#: 5110-01-570-3196
  15. UPC: 071721086833

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Customer Reviews

Usa made
Review by Shontaye E.
Verified Buyer
Made in usa all that matters
Note the arrival of several concept imitations in the last few years
Review by Tannis H.
Verified Buyer
Got mine about five years ago. A heavy, tough, brutal chopper you 'could' dig with. Being 1095 steel you know up front what you are getting.
Have not tried to cut through a car body with this, but I have opened 55Gal steel drums with the heel of a 1095 steel cooking knife. Odd behavior, I know, but the drum had olive oil in it and the 'wrench' to open the drum was lost in the shuffle of opening a new restaurant. The cooking knife was/is an old Case 10" chef's knife circa 1974 with much use and affection - the knife I use to part out whole chickens, and similar, not the one I use for tomatoes.

I stripped off the SP8's black factory coating to put a vegetable acid patina on the blade. Nice right angled spine. I re-profiled the tip (point?) edge angle for bashing stuff at about 40 to 55 degrees, factory angle through the sweet spot, and thinned the edge forward of the ricasso/choil for finer work. The sheath is cumbersome - and VERY robust.
This item could be used in the dictionary as an example illustration for "heavy duty".
Best machete i've ever seen
Review by Kalina T.
Verified Buyer
Best machete i've ever seen. Also works for splitting wood. My boss had me order him one after seeing mine.
Different sheath??
Review by Shayley O.
Verified Buyer
Lives up to everything you'll hear, this thing's a beast. That being said OKC is apparently no longer shipping it with the nice leather sheath and has instead started using the crappy nylon sheaths you always see from them... kinda disappointed but I don't plan on wearing it much so no big deal. Still worth every penny!
Better than a hatchet
Review by Barbara M.
Verified Buyer
Perfect! I bought this instead of a hatchet and it has so much more utility.
Good survival tool
Review by Delisha D.
Verified Buyer
Lost my original one so ordered this same one to replace it. Same knife but preffered the original leather sheath rather than this nylon one which seems to be larger and more awkward on the belt. And like my previous one it needed a little more sharpening for my liking.
Multi tasker
Review by Johnatan Y.
Verified Buyer
Wanted one of these forever. Finally just bought one and I got to tell you, I was without it too long. It does everything. It slices it dices it chops etc. It is a bit on the heavy side but in the sheath on your belt it isn't that noticeable. It will de-limb a small tree for shelter making in seconds. I have used it as a tool for stirring the fire as well as a spatula, although it has absolutely no give. It comes with a decent edge and takes very little work to enhance that. A little bulky for more intricate jobs which is why I would not replace my favorite belt knife for it. Would recommend it highly.
Sturdy and Functional
Review by Jeffey T.
Verified Buyer
As fine as I recall my husband's too-long-gone SP-8 was. It's a functional piece of homesteading and brush clearing equipment that's as fine as his Lee Valley Stainless Steel Spade and Century old Chameleon Hand Cultivator. I expect it'll last longer than he will!
Too heavy.
Review by Leonela U.
Verified Buyer
Too heavy to use as a machete
Good for show & tell, but not functional
Review by Reginia Z.
Verified Buyer
Although I am impressed with the robust construction, adequate sheath and blade sharpness, this is a very clumsy & unbalanced knife that feels awkward to use. It appears to have the genetics of a machete, butcher knife and hatchet. I have yet to figure out the specific application where this knife would be most useful. It's too short and heavy to swing like a machete. You can't really saw with it because the teeth are dull. Hard to chop with it because it's so top-heavy. Can't really classify it as a survival weapon. Pun intended, but there's really no point to this knife!
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