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Sparrows Flint Butcher

Sparrows Flint Butcher


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Sparrows Flint Butcher

The Sparrows Flint Butcher is a special purpose tool designed to give you the ability to spark a fire. With the butcher cleaver being made from high carbon steel and the included three sections of flint you'll be able to get hot sparks flying to start a fire on your next outdoor adventure.


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The Sparrows Flint Butcher is a complete solution for starting a fire in a remote area. You will get three specially sized flint strikers to allow you to distribute flint among your gear to give you full coverage. With the butcher cleaver being made from high carbon steel, you'll have sparks flying quickly and will be able to get a roaring fire going without needing to worry about keeping matches dry.

  • High Carbon Steel Butcher Cleaver - Quick to Spark
  • Three Seperate Flint Strikers - Each Designed for Maximum Performance
  • One Flint Double Drilled - Add to Your Jacket Draw Cord
  • One Flint is Fat with Single Hole - Use Paracord to Assist Grip and Attach to Backpack
  • Primary Flint is Long and Easy to Carry in Jacket or Pants Pocket

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