Sparrows Handcuff Key Coin

The Sparrows Handcuff Key Coin is designed to be a covert handcuff key that resembles a common pocket change coin. Once you need to use the key, it easily pops out of the coin giving you a universal handcuff key to unlock virtually all handcuffs.

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The Sparrows Handcuff Key Coin is an easy to deploy universal handcuff key. You will receive the coin still in its stainless steel square where you can keep it until you are ready to begin carrying they handcuff key in its coin form. Once ready to use you can simply press the key out of the coin shaped housing and you will then have access to a working metal handcuff key. Covert, effective, and ready to use in under a second the Sparrows Handcuff Key Coin belongs in the pocket of anyone who is a man of means that values personal security and freedom.

  • Made from Stainless Steel
  • Universal Handcuff Key - Opens Virtually All Handcuffs
  • Includes Two Coin Handcuff Keys

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