STG58 FAL Combo Wrench

The STG58 FAL Combo Wrench is an Austrian army tool that was designed and issued with each STG-58 rifle. This handy tool was used by soldiers in the Austrian army to work on the FN/FAL rifles bolt and gas system.

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The Austrian Army used their own version of the FN/FAL rifle that was officially designated as the STG-58. Among FAL collectors the STG-58 is considered to be the best FAL variant ever produced.

Like most modern military forces, the Austrian Army produced several country-specific tools and accessories for their FAL rifle. One example of Austria's country specific tool is this unique FAL rifle combination tool.

We have researched this tool and have determined that it is used to work with the FAL bolt, bolt carrier, and gas system. This tool was issued to every soldier as part of their FAL rifle cleaning and maintenance kit.

  • Authentic Austrian Army Surplus Tool
  • Designed for the STG-58 FAL Rifle - Works On Any Metric FAL
  • Rare Tool - Most US STG-58 FAL Kits Did Not Have This Tool
  • Great Purpose Built FAL Tool

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Customer Reviews

Fal stg tool
Review by Gregp
Verified Buyer
Very hard to find little original tool for the STG58 or any fal type rifle.
Handy as f
Review by FAL Operator
Verified Buyer
A great little tool to have in my range bag,for the Fal gas ring adjustment, wish I knew all its uses.
Good for the kit.
Review by Zack
Verified Buyer
This handy compact wrench is good for the field kit in maintaining the rifle. Great for turning the gas block, tightening screws and works great with a compact 308 cleaning kit.

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