Streamlight Microstream LED Pen Light

The Microstream LED flashlight is ready for the demands of professional use. The Microstream was developed for multiple tasks such as automotive work, the tool box, industrial uses, law enforcement agencies, security, and for personal uses.

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  • Streamlight Microstream LED Pen Light
  • 20 Lumens Output
  • 1/2 Watt LED Bulb
  • Push-button tail switch
  • Anodized aluminum construction
  • Uses 1 AAA Battery

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Customer Reviews

Handy little light
Review by Alnita X.
Verified Buyer
I keep this light in my tech pouch with chargers, cables, and external hard drives. The light seems to be of good quality, no complaints so far.
Great light
Review by Korrie F.
Verified Buyer
Great to keep in your pocket, last forever
Review by Ryne W.
Verified Buyer
Previously had one of these go through serious abuse before losing it. Best flashlight I ever had. This new one isn't as good. Has some kind of contact issue and works sporadically.
The best compact light.
Review by Koa V.
Verified Buyer
This light is in my front pocket next to my pocket knife daily, don’t even know it’s there. The hat clip makes it’s a useful tool for me.
Review by Noni Q.
Verified Buyer
Awesome little light great for minimalist carry or a back up light or just stash it in a pack , organizer, vehicle or junk drawer for whenever you need a light
Best EDC pen light around
Review by Santiago A.
Verified Buyer
I've used this light for over 10 years at this point, I've had 3. One I dropped in a bonfire after 3 years, and as you can tell from the wear I've had the top one in the photo since then. I've worked EMS, and that lights seen rain, snow, a ton of swimming, hiking, camping, dropping, probably a few hundred batteries, you name it. It's a little tank. The only reason I'm replacing it is the little rubber gasket on the end has gotten brittle from age. So I can't fault the light for that. It's well worth the money, it's decently bright, waterproof way beyond what's recommended, it weighs as much as a AAA battery, just an all around good EDC light.
Great EDC's
Review by Audie B.
Verified Buyer
A long time friend gave me one as a gift.
Loved it so much I bought 2 more.
A word of advice passed along from my Friend. These are used on the production floor at the plant he is one of the Managers at. A flickering of the bulb was occurring when a "name brand" but lesser quality battery was being used.
Switching to a "better" battery solved the problem.
I received Eveready Alkaline with mine. I will say that was not the brand his company had purchased in bulk.
See Pic and Read This Review!
Review by Dijuan I.
Verified Buyer
I've tried nearly EVERY single-AAA (and similarly sized rechargeables) flashlight out there, and the Microstream AAA is the one that no other can replace.

Do not be deterred from the 45 stated lumens. The spot/flood balance is excellent, and while I do not have specific tools to measure lumens, the Microstream gives me better visibility than some other lights that claim 90-100. The pic shows the Reylight Pineapple Mini at 100% at 90 lumens on the left vs. Microstream's 45 on the right (both with fresh lithium batteries). Hard to photograph, but in real life, the Microstream is better to my eye. Take it for what you will!

While multiple brightnesses are attractive, they're generally finicky and I've never been a fan of lights that have only two brightness options of "turbo/burst" that has absurdly short runtime, and a low mode that is barely useable (Surefire, Thrunight, and Olight do this a lot). The Microstream's single beam/brightness will let you navigate indoors very well, outdoors well enough, and is not blindingly bright for up-close tasks, with a burntime of a respectable 4-5 hrs with a lithium. All said, the Microstream's do-it-all brightness with one click becomes very appreciated for its simplicity. Gotten a lot of use and beating with no issues so far.

It's a flashlight--it makes it so it's no longer dark. Keep it simple.
Top notch lite.
Review by Marya X.
Verified Buyer
I carry this flashlight in my pocket everyday and everywhere. I would be lost without it.
Other than just dying, it's a nice flashlight...sort of.
Review by Jaren G.
Verified Buyer
The flashlight dies, after awhile it comes back on, an unreliable piece of garbage...but it's a $17 light. It was just for making my way through a dark house while the family slept. Seems to be built well, but operationally, bueno. had hopes Streamlight would live up to its hype. My $7.99 Hatori lasted a year, this one didn't even make it past the return period....but they want me to pay $7 to return it....we're quite rural out here, we don't have a UPS or drop off whatever. Just have to write this piece of garbage off. Good luck.
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