The Streamlight TLR-4 tactical laser is a compact, rail-mounted light/laser combination designed for use as both an illumination aid for low-light shooting as well as a precision laser sighting device. Designed to fit on most of the world's most popular pistols, this combination light/laser is bright as heck, nearly indestructible and suitable for any and all tactical shooting operations.

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The Streamlight TLR-2 tactical laser is a compact, rail-mounted light/laser combination designed to be used as both an illumination aid for low-light shooting as well as a laser sighting device for use with a range of the world's most popular pistols. The innovative light, which boasts an overall lifespan of 50,000 hours, utilizes a C4® LED that delivers a peak beam intensity of up to 8,000 candelas and 160 lumens. It is powered by two 3V CR123 lithium batteries, and provides up to 2 1/2 hours of continuous use. With a range and brightness comparable to a xenon bulb, the C4® LED is said to be two to three times brighter than high-flux LEDs. Lighting is also aided by a unique parabolic reflector, which produces a concentrated beam for optimal peripheral illumination, giving you a complete view of your immediate surroundings. The light is manipulated by ambidextrous controls that provide for both momentary and steady on or off.

The powerful 660 nm micro laser is designed for long-range precision targeting and may either be used alone or in conjunction with the C4® LED light. When used alone, the laser may run for up to 11 hours of continuous use. Like the light, the laser offers ambidextrous controls (three-position mode selector), full point-of-aim adjustment and excellent sight retention.

These electronics are housed within an ergonomic case that measures 3.26 inches in total length. The dustproof body of the assembly is constructed from 6000 series machined aircraft aluminum with an anodized finish, while the laser features a high-impact, chemical-resistant polymer housing. It may also interest you to know that the TLR-2 is waterproof to one meter for up to 30 minutes and carries an operational temperature range between -40 degrees Fahrenheit to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Attaches to Any Pistol with Picatinny or Glock Rail
  • Light with Laser Combination Device
  • Lifetime Warranty by Streamlight

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Customer Reviews

Great Light, period.
Review by Chloee W.
Verified Buyer
I have 5 of these. Streamlight has a lifetime guarantee. You absolutely nothing to loose by going with a Streamlight product over a higher priced Surefire for example. One of the great things is that if a Streamlight product tears up, you simply find a certified repair center and they will repair or replace it for free. I don't normally recommend one with a laser. But this one was purchased for a neighbor who I was helping build his first AR. Anyway, it goes without saying that any Streamlight is the best, hands down.
Four Stars
Review by Paticia Y.
Verified Buyer
Nice system but selector switch can be easily bumped.
thumbs up!
Review by Cydney Q.
Verified Buyer
very nice product !reasonably priced and arrived sooner than expected!
... have others likes on weapons but this one is excellent. This one is mounted on my 40 cal
Review by Ryo D.
Verified Buyer
I have others likes on weapons but this one is excellent. This one is mounted on my 40 cal. H&k. Which made it a pain to find a holster hard to find. Once I located one, I was surprise to find the holster cost as much as the light .
Very NIce Unit
Review by Martell B.
Verified Buyer
The only negative comment I'll make concerns the manual and it's the reason for not getting a five star rating. They could not have picked a worse size font. Just be sure you read it in bright light and if you wear reading glasses you may need higher value lenses. Magnifying viewers helped me. Best thing to do is download all the various little manuals from the Streamlight website and enlarge the image onscreen.

Since I bought this for one of my M&P-15s, I'll have no problem with holsters. If you plan on using this with a carry handgun, you need to do some holster research before you buy.

The laser is as good or better than any of the others I own and the LED is dazzling at living room distances. Quite by accident, my wife can attest to that.

Replacement batteries are about $3.50 for a pair so keep spares. You do have to take the unit off the gun to change the batteries but that's quick and simple. Be aware, the manual is not very good on this procedure, but then again it's not very good at all.
Superb Light, Superb Service
Review by Nadina Y.
Verified Buyer
I've had this light for several years now. Recently, the laser began to work intermittently. I sent it in for service (without the original reciept or box) and Streamlight replaced numerous parts in addition to the laser unit at no cost to me. I'm very impressed and they've won my business.
It lives up to the Streamlight reputation.
Review by Lesley D.
Verified Buyer
This product definitely lives up to the Streamlight reputation. It is great for rifles and shot guns, but I found it to be to large for any hand gun I own.
for home defense you've gotta have this
Review by Cesar L.
Verified Buyer
I bought this Streamlight, a pack of 3-volt batteries and a Bushnell Laser Boresighter 4 years ago. Since then I've only used 2 batteries and they weren't really that dim but I wanted to be safe.

If you're going to possibly (but hopefully not) encounter a bad guy in your home, this tactical light and laser sight is an absolute must-have. The light is very bright so that I doubt if the person you're shining it at would know what's behind that light. With a boresighter sighting-in you know you would be hitting close enough to where that laser dot is shining. I sight my Glock 17 in for 20 feet which is reasonable for home defense. Always verify with paper targets, of course.

This Streamlight is really solid. I've fired thousands of rounds with the sight attached. After 300 rounds you need to wipe off the lense with a damp cloth. It's easy to remove and re-sight if you need to. It toggles between just laser light, just tactical light or both at once. Something else very useful that wasn't clear when I bought it is that you can temporarily turn on whatever combination of lights you have with your index finger. Or click it the other direction with your finger to make the lights stay on.

The TLR-2 has been around a while and they don't seem to be in a hurry to "upgrade" it. I hope they don't. It's already perfected in my opinion.
Great for Home Security
Review by Aquilla Y.
Verified Buyer
I love this. It's kind of bulky, and I would not use it for concealed carry, but the light is very bright, laser works great. It is perfect for home defense. I keep mine on the nightstand on my pistol. It is easy to reach the switch with your trigger finger. It can be removed and put back on very quickly if you want to take it of to use the weapon at the range without it. I recommended the same one to my brother and he's very happy with his too.
Review by Taffy V.
Verified Buyer
Pricey but after you mount on your piece it looks so damn sexy! Very good product and would recommend. I have on my 40 S&W "Tactical" and it really is a perfect fit, great for home protection too
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