Streamlight TLR-2 Tactical Laser

The Streamlight TLR-4 tactical laser is a compact, rail-mounted light/laser combination designed for use as both an illumination aid for low-light shooting as well as a precision laser sighting device. Designed to fit on most of the world's most popular pistols, this combination light/laser is bright as heck, nearly indestructible and suitable for any and all tactical shooting operations.

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The Streamlight TLR-2 tactical laser is a compact, rail-mounted light/laser combination designed to be used as both an illumination aid for low-light shooting as well as a laser sighting device for use with a range of the world's most popular pistols. The innovative light, which boasts an overall lifespan of 50,000 hours, utilizes a C4® LED that delivers a peak beam intensity of up to 8,000 candelas and 160 lumens. It is powered by two 3V CR123 lithium batteries, and provides up to 2 1/2 hours of continuous use. With a range and brightness comparable to a xenon bulb, the C4® LED is said to be two to three times brighter than high-flux LEDs. Lighting is also aided by a unique parabolic reflector, which produces a concentrated beam for optimal peripheral illumination, giving you a complete view of your immediate surroundings. The light is manipulated by ambidextrous controls that provide for both momentary and steady on or off.

The powerful 660 nm micro laser is designed for long-range precision targeting and may either be used alone or in conjunction with the C4® LED light. When used alone, the laser may run for up to 11 hours of continuous use. Like the light, the laser offers ambidextrous controls (three-position mode selector), full point-of-aim adjustment and excellent sight retention.

These electronics are housed within an ergonomic case that measures 3.26 inches in total length. The dustproof body of the assembly is constructed from 6000 series machined aircraft aluminum with an anodized finish, while the laser features a high-impact, chemical-resistant polymer housing. It may also interest you to know that the TLR-2 is waterproof to one meter for up to 30 minutes and carries an operational temperature range between -40 degrees Fahrenheit to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Attaches to Any Pistol with Picatinny or Glock Rail
  • Light with Laser Combination Device
  • Lifetime Warranty by Streamlight

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Customer Reviews

Great on a Glock 19
Review by Antario T.
Verified Buyer
Very bright and laser goes a long way. Looks and feels great on the Glock 19. Also easy to take off and conceal carry.
Wow is this thing bright.
Review by Helen X.
Verified Buyer
I bought this for my Glock and it fit great and works terrific. I have had previous Stream Light products and they were very bright and this is as well. I am going to buy another for my wife's Glock.
Small and practical
Review by Cori L.
Verified Buyer
I like this, it fits on my S&W M&P 5 perfectly. It is a flashlight/laser all in one with adjustable modes, you can go full flashlight, full laser, or full flashlight/full laser. Dropped it countless times, and didn't even see a scratch. I bought this more than half a year ago, and never changed the battery that came with it yet.
Good fit on full size 1911
Review by Lakechia Q.
Verified Buyer
Very good and secure fit on standard 1911 with integral rail. Easy access to on/off switch. Light is very bright especially in dark house. Laser spot easy to see.
"Do not trust your family lives to this product"!!!
Review by Selika K.
Verified Buyer
I love my family very much! This is why when I purchase anything related to their protection I do extensive research before spending my "hard earned dollars" to it. With this in mind, I wanted a weapon mounted laser/light and began my search in 2005 when I came across the Insight Technologies M^ mounted light/laser for my SIG 229. I loved this piece of equipment until I found out that all the main competitors were trying to "out do" each other concerning the Light brightness as the amount of "Lumens" ruled the night! With this in mind, Surefire which I really liked was just too expensive as you could just purchase another Gun with the amount they were charging. Then there was the one I had from Insight Technologies where I only had one problem with the whole "set-up": The "light" was not bright enough at 85 Lumens. I wanted to make sure to "blind" my attacker. So I came across the Streamlight TLR-2 Light/Laser with the Light at an outsatnding "135 Lumens" AND it was cheaper than the other two competitors! I was in 7th Heaven as I quickly purchased the TLR-2 light and waited for it to arrive at my home. I received the TLR-2 laser/light and read all instructions. I then mounted it to my SIG 229 as it fit perfectly. I then "Zero in" the Red Laser Dot to perfection. The Light section was certainly very bright and thought that when used, many times, you may not have to engage a target because of the brightness! In any event, I always test any new products I have and immediately went to the Gun Range. After 50 rounds of 40SW loads, and I do run "hot loads", the entire unit started to fall off my gun! I was shocked and disappointed as I left the Target Range. So, I came home, cleaned my weapon and inspected the unit. No problems there with the unit, so this time I "tightened" the unit onto my weapon not using my fingers as they "brag" about, but this time I used a screwdriver. It was certainly tight and definitely would not come off this time. I also had to "re-zero" the Laser unit again which I accomplished very carefully. Finally, a few months later, I went back to the Target Range to give my 229 a "workout" with approximately a little over 100 rounds of "hot loads". This time at the Range, the entire unit stayed "put" (Thank God!) as I blazed through over 100 rounds of premium self defense (Corbon 135 grain hollow points and Glaser Safety Slugs) and Hunting/Self-Defense Loads (200 Grain Double Tap Hollow Points at 1100FPS) ammo. Everything seemed to go very well until I went home and cleaned my Gun. Once I got to the Unit, it was still very tight and was pleased. Then I checked the Laser sighting against a Target and found that the Laser lost "Zero" AGAIN! The Laser was pointing "high and right" of the Barrel. After going through the motions of "Re-Zeroing" the Laser, I decided right there, that I just could not honestly trust this unit with my Family's lives. So, I went back to my "Old Friend", the Insight Technologies M6 light/laser. Yes, yes, I know! The light only emits 85 Lumens (Check on Google to find the minimum amount of light to blind the human eye, you would be surprised!) and the Laser is the laser that works excellent. The thing with this M^ is that regardless of what I run through my gun it ALWAYS maintains "Zero". So my Dear Friends, you may have a different experience, but when it comes to my Flesh and Blood, I definitely want the best of everything for them. In this case, the "best of everything" is definitely not the TLR-2....Anybody interested in purchasing a TLR-2 for $150.00 (or best offer), let me know!
Well made, High Quality
Review by RemMax
Verified Buyer
Like the TLR-1 this light is as well made and as bright as the more expensive brand but for a lot less money!
The TLR-2 also has the benefit not only of being a bit shorter allowing them to mount on guns with shorter barrels and shorter rails (ie, gun like my Springfield XD45).
But along with being shorter it also has a fully adjustable laser incorporated into it making it twice as handy and making sighting in low lighting much faster and accurate.

The light beam itself is on par with the Surefire weapons lights at about a 2/3 the price and adding the laser makes this a perfect choice for those times you need a weapon after dark (when most crimes occur).

When making that critical decision whether to Shoot or Not Shoot a good light will help you prevent a mistake.
Having the Laser assures that if your choice is to Shoot them your more likely to hit your target on the first shot!

Overall a good light/laser at a good price.

Best deal
Review by Bron K.
Verified Buyer
After much shopping around this seemed to be the best price. Even with law enforcement discount. Light works great. Love Streamlight products.
Streamlight 69120 TLR-2 C4 LED with Laser Sight Rail Mounted Weapon
Review by Ladarryl C.
Verified Buyer
Great light, very bright, laser is on point and will recommend this to all glock fans and any other firearms it might look good on.
Here is a Holster for this light
Review by Daaron T.
Verified Buyer
Hey Guys,
This sweet weapons light it is light and very bright the lazer is nice as well someone stated good luck finding a Holster here you go
Take care!!
Works great
Review by Shalyn J.
Verified Buyer
I own two. Had to send both back because of intermittent laser problems but customer service was great. Now I trust them with my life after firing thousands and thousands of rounds with each of them. At first I wished the laser was on top so there was less of an offset between the laser and the barrel but after realizing the flashlight structure protects the laser lens from being covered with powder burns, (after a couple hundred rounds the flashlight will be covered with soot on an average length barrel to the point where light will hardly penetrate) I think it is designed just right.
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