The Streamlight TLR-4 tactical laser is a compact, rail-mounted light/laser combination designed for use as both an illumination aid for low-light shooting as well as a precision laser sighting device. Designed to fit on most of the world's most popular pistols, this combination light/laser is bright as heck, nearly indestructible and suitable for any and all tactical shooting operations.

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The Streamlight TLR-2 tactical laser is a compact, rail-mounted light/laser combination designed to be used as both an illumination aid for low-light shooting as well as a laser sighting device for use with a range of the world's most popular pistols. The innovative light, which boasts an overall lifespan of 50,000 hours, utilizes a C4® LED that delivers a peak beam intensity of up to 8,000 candelas and 160 lumens. It is powered by two 3V CR123 lithium batteries, and provides up to 2 1/2 hours of continuous use. With a range and brightness comparable to a xenon bulb, the C4® LED is said to be two to three times brighter than high-flux LEDs. Lighting is also aided by a unique parabolic reflector, which produces a concentrated beam for optimal peripheral illumination, giving you a complete view of your immediate surroundings. The light is manipulated by ambidextrous controls that provide for both momentary and steady on or off.

The powerful 660 nm micro laser is designed for long-range precision targeting and may either be used alone or in conjunction with the C4® LED light. When used alone, the laser may run for up to 11 hours of continuous use. Like the light, the laser offers ambidextrous controls (three-position mode selector), full point-of-aim adjustment and excellent sight retention.

These electronics are housed within an ergonomic case that measures 3.26 inches in total length. The dustproof body of the assembly is constructed from 6000 series machined aircraft aluminum with an anodized finish, while the laser features a high-impact, chemical-resistant polymer housing. It may also interest you to know that the TLR-2 is waterproof to one meter for up to 30 minutes and carries an operational temperature range between -40 degrees Fahrenheit to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Attaches to Any Pistol with Picatinny or Glock Rail
  • Light with Laser Combination Device
  • Lifetime Warranty by Streamlight

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Customer Reviews

Just great
Review by Braulio U.
Verified Buyer
Was debating between this and the Surefire X400 for an early Christmas present to myself. I'm so glad I went with this one. Easy mounting on my Glock 22, super bright light and laser, all aluminum outer, and easy operation. Great product for nearly half the price of the X400, plus free shipping with Prime.
Great right up until it broke
Review by Anica V.
Verified Buyer
After a year and a half of occasional use, my TLR-2 lost its ability to hold zero for windage with the laser. Fortunately this product has a lifetime warranty and can be sent back to Streamlight for diagnosis and a fix, though that has yet to happen yet. On the list of things to do, however.

That said, I decided to investigate picking up a new unit and ultimately settled on a Surefire X400, albeit at a significantly discounted price thanks to an employee purchase program. Still it wasn't chump change for the X400, especially when considering the fact that I still have a TLR-2 that, in theory, will be as good as new after it gets back from its 'spa treatment' at the factory.

Unfortunately for the Streamlight, by picking up the X400 I learned first hand a thing or two about a firearm light/laser combo SHOULD be made. The controls of the Surefire are worlds away from the manner that the Streamlight does things, and even on the nastiest, most ornery kicking guns I own it just keeps working exactly like it should. Of course for its normally five Benjamins price tag (again I paid far less than that), it had better.

But what the Surefire REALLY did was spoil me, and made me look at the TLR-2 in a vastly different light. The Streamlight, when working correctly, is still a capable unit. But the switchgear that it uses is far less convincing a solution than how the X400 handles things. And the TLR-2's overall bulk doesn't score brownie points with me given the X400 slightly smaller size and especially in light of new designs from Viridian and others now on the market.

The reality is that I paid less for the X400 than I did for the TLR-2. While the Streamlight is serviceable, it's not the pinnacle I initially thought it to be, and given the windage pot breakage it's fallen down even more spots on my own 'hit list'. While it worked fine in all conditions that I used it in, I find that it's really HARD to regain that faith that was shattered when something breaks, particularly when it comes to one's firearms and related equipment.

3 1/2 stars...with adjustments as needed after the unit returns from Streamlight.
Review by Tieler K.
Verified Buyer
Added to tricked out G21FS in .45acp. It has the brightest LED this side of $400,the brightest RED laser on civilian market,the most durable & versatile product in market, and now a strobe? BRAVO, Streamlight, you did it again! Just received and it has already seem 60+ muzzle-blasts so far, along w/some intentional rough-play,numerous re-mounting,& only needed 1 minor laser adjustment during "testing". Did I mention it even came pre-used (evidently to me),and I kept it anyway? Oh yeah,even with all of the sighting in,horseplay,firing line time,accidentally leaving on, and so on, I'm still on 1st pair of batteries(which it came with),& I purchased a 12 pack from KeepShooting at the same time. With a 10 year shelf life & 2 Streamlights in the house,I'm sure,---------eventually. Really, I don't work for Streamlight either! They should kick back!
If you're in the market for a combo,at least fondle 1 of these babies at your local sports/firearms dealer before buying something else. Now,if only it came in green...............................
Streamlight combo
Review by Larrisa M.
Verified Buyer
Arrived on time and as described. Very impressed with the quality of the workmanship. The spring loaded clamp is especially helpful. Look forward to getting it sighted in.
TLR-2 For a Gen 4 Glock 22 - It's a Buy!
Review by Nashonda M.
Verified Buyer
I originally bought a GLT 10 waterproof Glock weapon light. For a couple days I was really happy and was considering buying up to a Glock light-laser unit. Then I fell asleep with my gun under a couch cushion. It must've deployed the plastic Glock light and expired a pair of factory 123 batteries. That's all well and good, I just went to replace the batteries and found the lamp housing had softened, the reflector had deformed and the watertight o-ring had broken. This is NOT the kind of durability I was looking for.

The TLR-2 became a very attractive if not pricey option. Now, my Glock light is still out for service - my money with it - but I hardly notice because the TLR-2 has proven to be quite rugged. With 135 lumens of output from it's sturdy metal body and an extremely bright red laser I'm very happy. First thing out of the box I dropped it onto the concrete floor - no problem.

There's a chance of failure with any gun or light but I'm convinced that the Streamlight is about as reliable as my Glock. I recommend investing in some Trijicon Tritium night sights as vital backup even when using a weapon light and now mount a Streamlight on my AR-15. The only question now is... how many of these things will I have to buy! I've been eying the TLR3 for my subcompact.

I'll agree with other reviewers that your holstering options are somewhat limited with this light but I think that's true for all pistol mounted lights and Safariland makes holsters designed to accommodate a Glock with a variety of Streamlight attachments. In short, it's a buy - I think it's very unlikely you will be dissatisfied with the TLR-2.
Review by Markell L.
Verified Buyer
I originally bought the TLR-1 light for my Glock 37 (45 GAP). After practicing real shooting scenarios in the dark, I realized I could be much more accurate with a red laser dot right in the middle of my circle of light. Bought the TLR-2, and accuracy in the dark was much better. With the laser or combo option, you have the best of all worlds. Also, the laser was VERY easy to zero in, even without having to fire a round, it was right on when live fire verified the zero spot. Excellent quality,and GREAT price !
Great Product Piced Right
Review by Taijuan H.
Verified Buyer
I purchased a couple of these, and they have been flawless. Compared to my Surefire, they are a real value. The light is very bright, with good peripheral lighting. It is a well built unit. The laser is pretty bright, and runs for 45 hours by itself, and hasn't changed POI since installed. Make sure to install the bolt in the Pic rail slot. I've been using Streamlight products exclusively now, because they are very well constructed, and reasonably priced.

My hand has easily adapted to the switch, it's intuitive to use. It has Laser, Light, and Both in on/off, and momentary on.

The battery door is a little tricky to open, but only the first time. Once you see how it operates, you shouldn't have that problem again.

If you want/need a Laser with a light, this is a great choice.
Review by Breon Z.
Verified Buyer
Great product. Used one before for a long time that belonged to a friend. Is now mounted on a pistol which has gone to the range with me several times. Dependable. Seller was easy to work with and i would recommend them.
Not good, probably the best of its class though
Review by Anjanette A.
Verified Buyer
This is a pretty decent laser/light combo. Probably the best way to review it is to give a list of pros and cons.

-Bright flashlight--this thing puts out a ton of light and is extremely helpful in the dark
-Great attachment options--the light attaches to just about anything with a rail.
-Easy to attach/detach--goes on and off in just a few seconds
-Sturdy--The unit is hefty and should take a beating

-Big--Good luck finding a holster to put this thing in. It sticks way past the front of my XD9 Service, which is a large weapon.
-Laser is weak--The laser leaves a lot to be desired. I have a Crimson Trace on my LCR that blows this out of the water. This will only be useful in the dark.
-Batteries--The batteries are expensive, but should last in storage for a long time.

The bottom line is this is a great light for nightstand use and home defense in the dark (as long as the attacker isn't wearing black). I ended up returning mine, and hope to order a crimson trace for my XD one day. I'll take that and a dedicated flashlight over this combo setup.
cannot zero to 7 yards on USP
Review by Marilee G.
Verified Buyer
The light portion this light/laser combo is built very well, however the laser portion is made of plastic. My unit could not be zeroed to 7 yards on a USP full size like i had wanted and sits about 3 inches below. The quick attach screw can be turned by fingers only and do not need tools to securely fasten it to your rail.

All in all a good light/laser combo, just wish i could zero it at a closer range
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