SureFire AR-15 60-Round Magazine

SureFire AR-15 60-Round Magazine

The SureFire AR-15 60-Round Magazine is a revolutionary new design for the AR-15 magazine. With this magazine you have double the available capacity for your AR-15 without needing a complicated drum magazine.
Color Black

Description / SureFire AR-15 60-Round Magazine

The SureFire AR-15 60-round magazine is a high-capacity magazine for the AR-15, M16, M4 and their variants and is designed to hold 60 rounds of .223 Remington or 5.56x45mm NATO ammunition. It is also compatible with other firearms that accept standard STANAG 4179 magazines.

The magazine is built with a number of features designed to provide smooth, reliable feeding every time. One of those features is the anodized aluminum construction of the magazine body. The body has been constructed in such a fashion to provide an optimal feeding angle from the magazine into the chamber. There is also the inclusion of non-binding coil springs. These springs feature a cadmium coating that reduces both friction and corrosion.

  • Designed by SureFire
  • Made in the USA
  • Caliber: 5.56
  • Capacity: 60 Rounds
  • Fits Any AR-15 Type Firearm

Customer Reviews

High Quality
Review by Michael
I was finally able to get one of these from Keepshooting but it was their last one in stock. The quality is unsurpassed. High capacity magazines (over 30 rounds) are not always the most reliable. This is the exception. Fit, function, ruggedness and reliability are all top notch. Obviously, a lot of thought went into the design. The only limitation is in the prone and bench shooting positions due to the length. Drum type magazines don't stick down as far but they seem more bulky and cumbersome. The surefire is sleek and handles and performs just like a 20 or 30 round mag, just a little longer. If you see these in stock, grab them fast because they usually sell out right away.
VERY Well Made!
Review by RemMax
I finally was able to get one of these and wish I could get more of them
When Surefire made these they put a lot of thought into the design and as such they work perfectly
I was really surprised by ow well they balance in the gun and make the extra weight comfortable
Won't be surprised if Uncle Sam starts issuing these to troops in the future to give them more fire power with fewer mag changes
Really neat, well made magazine that fits, feeds and functions flawlessly!

Review by Rick
This is a very well built and constructed magazine this is not a cheap no thought part ever spring and part compresses perfect to allow for all 60 rounds to fit and then more importantly feed into your firearm flawlessly every time I have shot 30,000 rounds through my surefire 60 magazine without a single fail to feed in competition and at the range plinking strong recommend to all I would replace every 30 round mag I own with these 60 rounders if I could find them in stock they balance the firearm perfectly as if an AR was designed with this magazine in mind for all the time use please keepshooting .com get some more in thanks for reading Rick USCGC Retired life mem NRA,USPSA, IDPA, and 3Gun Nation
Get it while you still can
Review by SOG
is there anymore to be said? ultimate stacked rounds, should be a standard issue for troops.

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