Surplus German Flak Jacket

The Surplus German Flak Jacket is an authentic all Kevlar flak jacket that was previously issued to soldiers in the German military. These flak vests are the standard issue protective vest that is still in use by the German army today. With these flak vests you will receive protection on the front, back, shoulders, and neck which make these vests ideal for threats that a standard Kevlar vest does not handle.

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The surplus German flak jacket is a versatile piece of protective clothing and each is, as noted, an authentic German military surplus item. These flak jackets were originally designed for and used by members of the German heer, or army, which is one of the five service branches that makes up the Bundeswehr, or unified armed forces of Germany. Though each flak jacket appears to have been previously issued, they remain in good condition and ready to continue service. As they have been issued, some of the flak jackets show some minor signs of use.

The surplus German flak jacket is, as noted, a flak jacket that originally saw use with the Bundeswehr. Constructed from Kevlar® paneling contained in a nylon cloth carrier, the flak jacket is designed to offer protection from shrapnel, fragmentation, debris and other indirect projectiles to the chest, back, sides and shoulders. The easy-to-wear vest features Velcro® closures that are located on the left shoulder and both hips. Additionally, there is a large, expandable front pocket and rings located on both the front and back of the jacket for carrying additional gear. The nylon carrier, like many of our popular German military items, features the Flecktarn camouflage pattern. Flecktarn is a multicolor disruptive camouflage pattern, generally utilizing three or more colors. This particular pattern was designed for use in temperate woodland terrains, though by varying the colors, it is adaptable to other backdrops.

  • Authentic German Army Vest
  • Full Kevlar Inserts
  • Flecktarn Camouflage Carrier
  • Very Good Condition - Best We've Ever Had!
More Information
Overall Rating
Good condition surplus flak jacket, fit very well!
Review by Han
Ordered one size MK and it fit very well, I'm 5'8 and 165 lbs. Acceptable price for a very good condition flak jacket.
Overall Rating
Quality flak
Review by Clefox
Great shape, looks brand new.
Overall Rating
Review by Bruce
My second Purchase!! Excellent A++++ like new condition and fast shipping with tracking updates. Keep on Shooting!!!!
Overall Rating
Looks UN Used
Review by bruce
Man I was Psyched at the quality of this when i opened the box. excellent condition so im buying another. Thanks so much!!
Overall Rating
More than pleased
Review by Bradley
I was speechless when I pulled the flax jacket out of the box. It is just like the pictures and has that military surplus smell, if you are familiar with and like that. I am very pleased with my purchase. I am 6' 180 lbs. and the Size GL Large Long fits perfectly. If you collect military surplus or just want to walk around the back yard with this on, Haha, I highly recommend it.
Overall Rating
Great Buy - Awesome Flak Jacket
Review by Angus Podgorny
OK, I'll have to temper my enthusiasm for this jacket as my previous review never posted and I must have violated site policy. Sorry!
I've purchased two of these from Keep Shooting and plan on getting more so long as they are in stock. The armor in these jackets is made out of 13 layers of Kevlar 129 and according to the manufacturer, they have been tested against 9mm, .40 S&W and .357 magnum JSP. This is not your 'typical flak jacket'. My vests are from '95 and '96 and they are in great shape. I would say they were very lightly used, if used at all. Awesome condition. I see & read a lot about Kevlar degradation, but if the armor is kept out of sunshine and high humidity, degradation is slowed substantially. I don't have the money to shoot one up, but I would be confident these vests are still close to the original manufacturer's specs. I absolutely love the shoulder and neck protection you receive as well.
Overall Rating
Very surprised
Review by van
When I first got the package it was smaller than other body armor packages I have order before but upon opening it I was very,very surprised. The vest in GL large long was in very good shape almost as if it had never been used much and the cmao color was very good with little to no fading. The kevlar panels in the same shape and the vest is light other a little weird to get into. Would not use it for ballistic protection but should a storm or viking raid happens then we will see.
Overall Rating
Wicked flak jacket stops bullets!!
Review by Gage
Got one of these 4 years ago when they were on sale, It is a great piece of soft armor for anyone. These were designed for large, slow-moving pieces of flak that rain down from anti-aircraft batteries, but surprisingly enough it WILL function as level 2 ballistic armor!
I took out the back panel of my vest and it stopped:
.22 LR hollowpoint lead
.38 special lead SWC
9mm FMJ(!!!)
12ga Buckshot (2 3/4 shell)
12ga Hollowpoint 1 oz lead slug (2 3/4 shell)
I'm not sure if these vests would make the grade as a level 3 soft armor, but the fact that it will stop 9mm was very surprising to me, and nice to know.
Pros: Looks badass, makes you feel like a badass.
Stops bullets!!
Flecktarn Camo! C'mon! Its better than woodland out in the woods!
Convenient catchall pouch on front that holds crap.
Cons: Hard to customize, no MOLLE webbing, only little belt loops for strapping gear onto the vest.
No space for upgrading the vest with hard plates

Its a pretty nice vest for the money, and I would recommend it. However, if you want the best possible protection from ballistic threats, or want to be able to fit pouches upon pouches on it, this is not the vest for you. Great for just outdoor fun, paintball or whatever. Thanks for re-stocking these again Keepshooting!
Will update my review when I can test out the panels for level 3 threats!
Overall Rating
Great Flak Jacket
Review by Ricardo
Good service, great quality and deal. Has zippers in front and back for inserts. Would purchase again.
Overall Rating
Great low level body armor for those on a budget
Review by Will
Ill start off by saying i got one of these when they were $60. I bought it all minimum not the hand select and arrived in great packaging. Fits great and has a lot of area coverage. This vest would be at best a level II rating.. However in my vest the kevlar paneling was front 1988 and the carrier said 1995. So there is a bit of degradation in the integrity of the kevlar. However , you can shield 10 people with these for 700$ and it would be a lot more expensive with top notch vests.

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