Swedish Army Field Cap

The Swedish Army M59 Field Cap is an authentic part of the Swedish Army M59 series uniform. These olive drab field caps are really nice, very much like the vast majority of Swedish army surplus gear. Looking at the specifications, they are made from a cotton blend material and most appear to have never been issued. The extra wide brim on these field caps will be great for keeping the sun out of your eyes.

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  1. Authentic Swedish Army Field Cap
  2. Olive Green Color
  3. Designated M59 Field Cap
  4. Made in Sweden

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Customer Reviews

Shoulda bought two
Review by G.D.
Verified Buyer
Can't add much to my review that hasn't already been said and said well. This is a fine stylish cap for someone who is tired of the ubiquitous baseball style cap that *everyone* wears *everywhere* these days and who doesn't want to mindlessly conform. Rich medium green, dual layer fabric and the construction is flawless. Fabulous in the larger sizes (mine is 63) which are dadgum near impossible to find in the USA. As mentioned, this is a great "crusher" type hat to roll up in your back pocket as the brim has no cardboard or plastic stiffener--just rows of stitching. Mine is factory new as well. Get yourself one in size 62 or 63 just because. Better to have a hat that is too big than one that is too small, right?
Review by Grok
Verified Buyer
I ordered the large (59) cap. It fit a bit loose, but perfectly actually. Very comfortable. For comparison I also ordered the large German wool cap in Flechtern pattern and found that to be a bit tight. I love this cap. It's a nice neutral green, and is well made, and well designed. It provides ample head coverage and looks good. The ear covers and bill are perfectly sized.

An important point to convey is that the material used is doubled. I.e., rather than being thick, it's two layers - thus there is an air layer between. This would be too warm to wear in the summer but ought to be excellent in spring and summer. I don't know if it would be enough in sub freezing weather. It's not likely to be as effective as the German or other fully winter caps. This isn't a deficiency, just a note.

I was really pleased with this cap and will be ordering a few more, in different sizes as what I anticipate will be very welcome winter solstice presents. I'll also add them to my trucks and go bags.

ALmost forgot to add, the one I received was obviously brand new.
Great buy for 3-season wear
Review by Michael
Verified Buyer
You won;t wear this to baseball games in July but you will love them scouting hunting trails in the fall and getting the mail or afternoon winter hunts. Will even work well on cool spring days. Bill is a good size and earmuffs are a nice feature.
Ideal for Spring and Fall
Review by William
Verified Buyer
These are a little too warm for Summer in the South, but for Spring, Fall (and even Winter) when you may encounter windy conditions where light ear protection is a plus, these are great. It's nice to have a 'tweener' cap between a mesh/Summer style and a full Winter hat which would be too warm. Nice long brim for sun protection. Good for out on the water. Best of all, my wife likes this one.
Brand new hat
Review by Jack
Verified Buyer
Like it fine, ear flap can be folded up inside the hat as well. You might consider sizing up if this is your preference. I'm a size 7.25 and a 58 is a good fit. A little tight with the flap on the inside but some weight and a door knob solved that after a wash. The brim is not rigid, just layered material and it folds up nicely.
Brand new
Review by Terry
Verified Buyer
Got 2. Finally found a surplus hat that fits. The brim is great in the rain, too.
Nice Cap
Review by Richard
Verified Buyer
Very handy. The flaps keep my ears warm and the visor keeps the sun out of my eyes. I treated mine with waterproofing spray and keep it handy for a rain hat as well. Crunches up nicely to store in my jacket pocket. Liked it so much got 2!

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