Swedish Army M62 Snow Camo Suit

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The Swedish M62 Snow Camo Suit is an authentic snow camouflage suit that was used extensively by the Swedish Army. Consisting of both a parka style jacket and trousers, you can quickly don this oversized suit while in the field to adjust to the falling snow for camouflage purposes.

The Swedish Army M62 Snow Camouflage Suit is an oversized camouflage suit that was specifically designed for camouflage in the snow. Soldiers in the Swedish Army would be in the field wearing their standard combat uniforms and gear and the weather would change to snow. Rather than have a winter uniform that was made in specialized snow camo patterns, the M62 was issued to be worn over top of a soldiers combat uniform.

Since this suit was made to be oversized to allow it to be worn over combat gear, it is perfect for use by winter hunters and sportsmen. You can quickly put this snow camouflage suit on overtop of your existing parka or winter clothes to gain the advantage with camouflage. Winter hunting in the snow has been growing in popularity and the design and color of these snow camouflage suits makes them an excellent choice.

The sizing on these suits is very good, despite the traditional Swedish army sizing not being clear. With these suits, the Swedish Army size is based on what the soldier would normally wear for their uniform. Since the M62 snow camouflage suit system was designed to be worn over a combat uniform and combat harness, the sizing tends to run 20-25% larger than the Swedish size. So where you see a size listed as a "US Medium / Large" it would be closer to a US Extra Large to Double Extra Large. Factor in the true size being one or more sizes higher than what is listed.

  • Authentic Swedish Army Snow Camo Suit
  • Made in the 1960s
  • Button Closed Front Pockets
  • Drawstring Waist and Hood
  • Off White - Cream Colored
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