Swedish Army NIFE A-40-P Range Finder

The Swedish Army NIFE A-40-P is a precision optical range finding periscope that was used by artillery units in the Swedish army. While you may not own any field artillery, you likely do own long distance precision rifles and there is no better range finder available than this one. Imported years ago, this NIFE A-40-P gained a reputation among varmint hunters as the best manual range finder for dialing in your rifle against prairie dogs.

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The Swedish Army NIFE A-40-P is the standard bearer for artillery range finders. With an optical range from 100 to 1500 meters, 8x magnification, and no electronics military and civilian shooters know that taking the A-40-P into the field will produce results with no danger of equipment failure. Using the included monopod, it is quite easy to set up the A-40-P next to your shooting station and begin to use it for extreme long distance target shooting applications.

Once you receive your NIFE A-40-P it will be quite easy to understand how it operates. Place your monopod on the A-40-P and position it where you'd like to utilize it for long distance observation and range finding. Look through the view finder and you will see there are two "split" images visible, both of the same target you are observing through the view finder. Use the adjustment wheel to dial both images in so that they are no longer split, and the meter read out next to the image will show you how many meters your target is away from you. No need to worry about batteries, sketchy laser readings, or anything else that is prone to breaking in the field!

  • Authentic Swedish Army Artillery Range Finder
  • Comes with Transport Case, Monopod, Cleaning Brush
  • Periscope Dimensions: 33" L x 6" W
  • Case Dimensions: 36" L x 8" W x 9" H
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Overall Rating
GREAT Item: May be overkill for some, but not for me! Case fits nicely, sideways at front of car trunk !
Review by Bill
This is a very useful item for long-range shooting (as mentioned) - and it will also prove useful for 3-D photography, where it is imperative to know distance to nearest subject, in order to optimally set the separation between the camera lenses (two camera)/lens positions (1 camera). I have a smaller, Wild Heerbrugg optical rangefinder - which works well for shorter distances up to where the NIFE picks up. NO PROBLEMS with OPTICAL rangefinders, once you determine units of measurement! RELIABILTY!
[Unfortunately, I missed the Sale Price!]
Overall Rating
I have not had a chance to use it. Please, some info on where to get a tripod for it and a user manuel .
Review by Johnny
I have not had a chance to use it. Please, some info on where to get a tripod for it and a user manuel .

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