Swedish Army Double Layered Wool Scarf

Swedish Double Layer Wool Scarf

Wool scarves have always been popular. This wool scarf from Sweden should be twice as popular, since it is a double layered scarf, right? We think so! These scarves have a unique feature, you can roll them up and wear them as a watch cap! You can keep your neck warm, or roll it up to keep your head nice and comfy on a cold day.

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Description / Swedish Double Layer Wool Scarf

Wool scarves like this double layered one from Sweden are always in style. They will keep you warm and you'll look great wearing it.


  • Double Layered Wool Construction
  • Surplus Unissued Condition
  • Rolls Up Into Watch Cap
  • Available In Three Colors
  • One Size Fits All


  • 42" Long x 7" Wide
With the added bonus of being able to wear this scarf as a watch cap, we know you'll want to buy more than one. At this price, you can't afford to pass up this deal.

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Manufacturer Swedish Army Surplus

Customer Reviews

good product at a fair price
Review by Frank
These scarfs are nearly the same as USGI. They are exec. and do the job.
Great price for a great scarf
Review by Brandon
I ordered one of these last year, used it as both a scarf and watch cap, and I liked it so much I bought another this year. They stay warm, wash like normal, and don't scream surplus. Mine did have a bit of "surplus smell" that went away after I washed it. You can't beat a wool scarf for this price anywhere!!
The Swedish double layer wool scarf is a very useful piece of gear. Not only is it well made and versatile but it's also very cheap in price. It makes a great addition to an emergency car kit.
Review by Chris
The Swedish double layer wool scarf is a very useful piece of gear. Not only is it well made and versatile but it's also very cheap in price. It makes a great addition to an emergency car kit.
Crazy good deal.
Review by Ian
I'm always looking for good cold weather gear, and for 2 bucks I couldn't pass on these. Great for the bitter Michigan winters, and cheap enough to get several.

My only complaint is that they are a bit smaller than I prefer.
Wow, two bucks
Review by NJ
Can't beat 2$ for a wool scarf. Got one gray and one olive. Quite similar in color. As others mentioned appears shorter that in the pic but still a good length. Plan to use at least one as a British commando style hat so the shorter the better. Little if any surplus smell.
Good price.
Review by van
I have bought several for my self and love them for the price. Will keep you warm and in a enemercy you could cut open the ends and use them for your arms and legs to keep warm. have a few in my cold weather pack just for that.
Good stuff
Review by Kyle
Overall satisfied with my purchase. You can't go wrong with wool when the temperatures start really getting down there. As other reviewers have mentioned, they may be shorter than you expect but there is plenty material to get the job done.
Daily use
Review by Joe
Ordered 2 and use 1 every day for nite bike ride, good wool& warm. Not as long as pic or US od wool . Hand wash and air dry only so as to not shrink or your mini dog will wear it. Get yours at great price
Nice scarf for a great price
Review by jeff
For $2 a scarf you can't go wrong. Got a OD green and gray one. Like the double layer make of them. They are a little shorter than I thought but nice over all. For $2 you can't go wrong.
Good deal
Review by Terry
As near as I can tell these are brand new. I always buy two of whatever deal I run into The reason is to get a fair sample and also they might sell out. .These are such a deal I'm getting more..Good gifts.
Warmth at the price of a cup of coffee.
Review by Eric
Why buy that cup of coffee to keep you warm, in an hour the coffee will be gone but for years to come this scarf will keep the chill at bay.
I love it!
Review by tom
For $2, what is not to like! I love the double layer, it really kept my ears warm last night in 15 degree temps when I wrapped it around my head. I ordered the blue and it looks like it is brand new, never used. If it had been, I could not tell. Not as long as I had thought it would be, but still plenty long enough for what it needs to do. I will be buying one for the wife.
Nice Scarf - Great Price
Review by Walt
Bought 3 of these to try them out. Going to buy 6 more (the two other colors). Like the other reviewer said, they are on the short side but, they are good quality and perfect for a get home or emergency bag. They will keep your neck warm . Mine were in like new condition and a day of airing out took away any storage odor. I recommend getting them now. Less than $2 a piece is a steal!!!!
Appears unused, amazing price
Review by mrk
Don't pass on this scarf, it's amazing for $2. A nice lightweight wool scarf, just enough to be warm but not bulky. Mine appears to be unused or at least, not abused. I see no stains or repairs. Bought 2, one for use and one to sit in the back of my car in a cold weather emergency like breaking down or fueling up when it's bitterly cold and windy.
Nice little scarf
Review by Richard
I wear it with my wool sport coat. Keeps my neck warm and stops the draft on my chest. Fits into the side pocket quite nicely. For less than 2 bucks you just can't go wrong .
Good little wool scarf
Review by Justin
I ordered 2 of these. One gray, one green. Green was brand new and awesome. The gray one had been sewn repaired in several areas, but usable. It is not as long as it appears in the photo either. For $2 each you cannot beat the price or quality...nice wool!
Nice scarf
Review by tom
Hard to believe these scarves are priced this low. Very nice. Bought 2 for the BOB's of me and the wife. Love Keep Shooting.
Great Buy
Review by David
Planning to give some away as gifts. The wool is a bit rough.
i cant wait for winter
Review by david
i bought 2 of these in olive drag and i love them both one of them was new the other a little worn but there was no holes and there was no stains one was a little longer then the other but for 2 bucks for a wool scarf i cant complain at all. i will order more and turn them in to home made leg warmers i cant wait for winter to wear mine. thank you keep shooting.
Great Value
Review by Jeff
For 2 bucks this scarf is a good bargain. It stays warm even when wet and I can wrap it around my neck twice and tuck the ends in to maximize warmth.
Great price. Great Product.
Review by Jake
At this price... can't be beat. Enough said.
great deal!
Review by david
1.95 for a wool scarf, where are you going to find a deal like that! The scarf I received looks like it was never used, it does have some kind of repair on one end but looks like it was done in the factory. Everyone should have one or more of these for emergencies, use it around your neck, like a hat or even a hand warmer. You would pay 20 bucks or more for a scarf like this in the store if you could even find one. Unbelievable deal!
Review by Jeff
I ordered two grey scarves. They arrived in new condition, with no pulls or holes. It really makes a difference in the cold having one of these bad boys around your neck. Nice soft wool no itchy neck!
For $2.00 they are more than worth it.
Review by Jason
Keep Shooting always seems to have these cheap great deals like these scarves. I purchased a few of these and took two of them hunting a few weeks ago when the high for the day was two degrees above freezing. I was more than happy to have these scarves when the wind was blowing, and I wrapped my face and ears in them. I think they were well wroth the price to have a few in my coat.
I wish I could give more stars
Review by alan
These wool scarfs are amazing.I can't believe you can buy a wool scarf of this quality for 2 bucks. I have bought like 8 of them. And going to order more today. When I wear them out someone always ask about them and they want it.and when they find out there $2 the first thing they say is get me a couple. So go ahead and grab a few if you want to keep one for yourself.
Nice scarf for the price !
Review by James
This scarf can be warn several different ways. I tried a few like in the pictures of the ad and liked them. The two layers are what I like . I don't think the wind can penetrate it. No wind will be creeping down my neck. You actually get more for what you pay , with this scarf. I'll be buying several more . Great stocking stuffers! Wrap some cash in one and give it to a homeless person. I know I'd be grateful. Great Product for the Price.
Functional and warm
Review by Richard
I ordered the gray and it is a great length scarf. Roll it up and it becomes a great wool cap. The cap may be a little funny looking but its double function makes this a keeper. And for the price it is a bargain!
Add these to your cart!
Review by Carl
The gray and blue scarves are really nice (I believe that the gray one is thicker than the blue.) Both of the green scarves I received had frayed ends and one even had some small holes, but for the price, how could you complain?

Awesome buy!
Review by Andre
This is a great scarf, warm and soft after you break it in(can be a little scratchy at first) and for under 2 dollars! You wont find anything else like it
Cant beat these for the price
Review by David
You won't find a more versatile scarf for the money you spend on this. The construction seems to be nice, and it didn't stink (common with surplus gear) when it came out of the box. There is a trick to making this thing into a hat since both ends are sewn shut (which makes sense once you figure the next part out). Fold it in half, and then start tucking and rolling it into itself (kind of like turning it inside out). Once you have the opposite ends of the scarf touching themselves through the middle of the scarf you can start rolling it up until it looks like a beanie hat. Put it on and adjust it until it looks neat enough for you. At this point it's layered over itself a few times and feels pretty warm. Doesn't feel itchy or scratchy so it would be comfortable to wear on day hikes and trips. I will definitely be ordering more of these as gifts for friends and family.
soft good quality wool
Review by Jim
Blue & grey colors especially suitable for general use ie for aroud town.
That'll do
Review by Eric
These seem unissued. Had the surplus smell but not the stank, should wash up like new. I did not measure mine. They are sewn up on both ends; to use as a hat, push one of the ends into itself sorta like a big sock, then roll up the open end to the desired length. Works fine. Kind of a funny looking hat though!
Review by Richard
The two blue scarfs I received were shorter than advertised, and sown up on both ends, but they are double layer and warm. Very nice quality wool. They are a good by and steal of a price.

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