Swedish M90 Parka

The Swedish M90 Parka has been the standard issue parka of the Swedish military since it was first introduced in 1990. Soldiers in the Swedish army operate in cold weather climates year round including exercises in the areas of the Arctic Circle. With over two decades of proven performance in the cold, the Swedish M90 can be counted on to keep you warm in any part of North America during the cold Winter months.

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  1. Authentic Swedish Army Parka
  2. Made from Heavy Weight Cotton
  3. Interior Quilted Liner
  4. Attached Hood
  5. Zippered Front with Snap Closed Storm Flap
  6. Hand Warming Pockets on Both Sides
  7. Inner Drawstring Waistband for Contoured Fit
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Overall Rating
Swedish M90 Parka
Review by Buck50
Purchased as a casual overcoat w/late fall/early spring temps in mind (30's-40's). Ideal for these temps as a stand-alone. Does well in mild 20's w/US M-65 field jacket liner.
Overall Rating
Bring ONN the SNOWW!
Review by BSIDEPC
Swedish M90 Parka: I love this jacket already. The material is heavy yet flexible. The outer shell is similar to a Spanish M65 Field Jacket I have, but thicker and tougher, which is expected since it's meant to be warmer. It's also slightly darker in color. The inner liner is permanently sewn in, but it is similar to the liner in my M65 as far as look and feel. I got the XXL 170cm x 85cm 5'5"+, even though I'm 5'9". I picked it that way because my guess is that the XXL 180cm x 85cm 5'9"+ would have been down to my knees, and I wanted it to be a couple inches above the knees. Jackets that long bother me. The zipper is nice and chunky [nylon teeth not metal] and the hidden hood when it is unfurled is very functional and fits well over a winter hat. The POCKETS are enormous! That's my favorite thing about this jacket. The top of the pocket actually folds underneath the flap when you go to button it down. This helps keep what you store the the pockets warm. I plan on keeping my left and right glove, one in each pocket, so they can stay warm until I need to use them. The pockets are so big, I doubt I will even notice the gloves in there. The specific jacket I got has a small hole on back near the shoulder but that was patched up quite well, so no complaints there. Also, the bottom slider of the zipper [it has a dual-slider zipper] has a busted attachment for the slider handle, so it's essentially inoperable. Not a big deal though cause I'm not a big fan of dual zippers, so I will just keep the bottom slider all the way down and stationary. I have no plans of moving it anyway, so no big deal. One last item to review, the ARMS seem short on this jacket compared to most jackets. I have read other reviewers say the same. Honestly, I LIKE that about this jacket, because it allows one to wear bulky gloves with bulky/long wrists without interfering with unnecessarily long jacket cuffs. So, that's actually a big plus for me. All and all, $25 for this parka is well worth it. I hope this item stays around for a long time, because I will most likely be buying another one down the road!
Overall Rating
Great Jacket
Review by Robert
I bought this jacket because the price seemed right. It is a great budget addition to a go bag, or it works as a jacket to keep in the trunk for emergencies.
Overall Rating
Review by William
My wife made fun of me when I got this and the matching pants, which I considered a great deal and excellent full-on winter kit. I like to cold-weather camp, but the truth is, I don't go so much anymore. So, these sat in my closet until one cold winter day I come home from work and my wife is hiding in the arbor vitae hedge wearing my Swedish winter set and she jumps out and says "Suprise! Swedish Wednesday!" Oh boy, now what, I thought... but when we got inside, she says, "you know, these are really warm!" and to my surprise, she's not wearing anything underneath. Thanks KeepShooting!
Overall Rating
High quality jacket and lighter than expected
Review by Jordan
Great jacket for hiking in the fall or dry winter months. It's warm and light, but the outer shell is not water proof.
Overall Rating
Lightweight warmth
Review by Kenny
As soon as I put this on, I was amazed by how light it is and by how warm it made me, though I will echo the other reviewer who mentioned that the shell isn't windproof, and I doubt it's very water resistant. If you wear this under a shell, that will be no problem, however, and you'll be ready for sub-freezing temperatures. This would be my first choice for camping, especially for backpacking, as the warmth-weight ratio is up there with coats that people pay a LOT of money for. One final note, it is quite long: I ordered the Medium Plus size, I'm 5'11" and 190 lbs, and it reaches almost to my knees. It doesn't usually get in the way, though, due to how light it is, and that the zipper only goes to about the belt line.
Overall Rating
Unbelievable Value
Review by Anonymous
The jacket that I received was in like new condition and fits excellent. I have already run it though the washing machine on a cold cycle and air dried it afterwards - it held up perfectly. This is one of the reasons that I prefer synthetic insulated jackets over down filled models, as they are much easy to wash after usage. This jacket is unlike most other winter parkas/jackets that I own as it has considerable length to it (keeping your legs and upper torso very warm). I would recommend this to anyone looking for a warm jacket at a great price.
Overall Rating
great parka and great vendor
Review by Rob
The parka is in very nice condition, even better than I expected. Long length is a plus; roomy fit is another plus. In addition, this vendor gets an A+ for customer service. They responded quickly and professionally to my emails. You can trust this seller.
Overall Rating
Great Jacket!
Review by David
I cant believe that these are only $20. Mine is well made, with even stitching across the seams. It is very comfortable, and will work great for sitting around a cold camp fire or general winter camping chores or yard work. The outer shell isn't very thick, so be mindful of this if you are expecting a gusty day. Also, these aren't water proof or water resistant, so if you are expecting inclement weather you should probably bring a poncho with you (would probably help with windy days as well).

Something else worth mentioning. These are the newer variations of the M90, so they do not have the insulated hood (if hat matters to you). The hood rolls up into the collar, and is held in place with a couple of patches of velcro.

You may want to wash it when you get it, as it will smell like a surplus warehouse. I put mine in a cold wash cycle and let it air dry afterwards. It now smells much better!

Overall, it's a great coat. I will probably be ordering a second one to have around for when I eventually wear this one out. Thanks KS for the great deal!
Overall Rating
Could be better
Review by Rich
this is a warm jacket that is well worth the money but the wind blows right threw it.

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